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Spanish volcano remains volatile 5 days after eruption

A volcano in Spain’s Canary Islands continued to produce explosions and spew out lava Friday, five days after it erupted, authorities said.The lava has destroyed almost 400 buildings on La Palma, including many homes, on the western side of the island of 85,000 people, a European Union monit

NASA's InSight finds three big marsquakes, thanks to solar-panel dusting

On Sept. 18, NASA's InSight lander celebrated its 1,000th Martian day, or sol, by measuring one of the biggest, longest-lasting marsquakes the mission has ever detected. The temblor is estimated to be about a magnitude 4.2 and shook for nearly an hour-and-a-half.   This is the third maj

Wind energy can help Earth blow back climate calamity

The answer to climate change—or at least part of it—is blowing in the wind, according to research published Aug. 28 in the journal Climate.   "Early action will reap dividends," said Rebecca Barthelmie, professor in the Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineer

A new way to control qubits

A research team that includes two UO physicists have outlined new techniques for controlling the building blocks of quantum computing, a potentially significant step toward making such computers more accurate and useful.   Physicists David Allcock and David Wineland are founders of the

Deeper into the cosmos: NASA to land ice-seeking rover on moon

Aiming to find ice on the moon, NASA on Monday said it would land an ice-seeking rover in 2023 on a region of Earth's only natural satellite's south pole called the Nobile Crater. The space agency hopes the robot will confirm the presence of ice just below the surface, which could one day be conv

Australia has lost 30% of its koalas in the past 3 years

Due to drought, bushfires and developers cutting down trees in Australia over the past three years the country has lost about 30% of its koalas, the Australian Koala Foundation reported, urging the government to do more to protect the creature's habitat. The independent nonprofit group estimated

EU passes air pollution limit in 2020 despite COVID-19 pandemic

Despite COVID-19 bringing the world to a halt in 2020 improving air quality in many regions, most European Union countries still broke at least one air pollution limit, according to provisional European Environment Agency (EEA) data published Tuesday. Excessive air pollution has landed around 10

You will add a new substance to the flour: Britain takes a new decision to reduce birth defects in newborns

The British government announced its intention to provide flour (flour) in the United Kingdom with folic acid to reduce the number of children born with birth defects, following the approach of dozens of other countries such as Australia, New Zealand and Canada that add folic acid to unwheat flour

World Rhino Day: Uganda spearheads species comeback

Wednesday marks World Rhino Day, and in Uganda, where white rhinos used to run rampant, there is hope that the second-largest land mammals on Earth after the elephant can still be brought back from the brink of extinction. The last southern white rhino in Uganda was killed in Murchison Falls Nati

Turkey signs deal with SpaceX to launch Türksat 6A satellite

Elon Musk's U.S.-based SpaceX is set to launch Turkey's first domestically produced communications satellite, Türksat 6A, in 2023. After analyzing several companies' offers and options, SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket, which is the "best option” in terms of technical, administr

Yeast and bacteria together biosynthesize plant hormones for weed control

Plants regulate their growth and development using hormones, including a group called strigolactones that prevent excessive budding and branching. For the first time, scientists led by UC Riverside have synthesized strigolactones from microbes. The work is published in the open-access journal,&nbs

Antarctica's Ice Uncovers 150-Year-old Environmental Secret

Can people know what the environment witnessed 150 years ago? On the theoretical level, it might seem hard, or even impossible, but researchers at the University of California (UCI) have made it possible using ice in Antarctica. In a study published in the journal Proceedings of The National Acad

3 astronauts return after China's longest space mission

Three Chinese astronauts returned to earth Friday following China's longest spaceflight mission, which lasted 90 days, aboard their nation’s first space station. Nie Haisheng, Liu Boming and Tang Hongbo landed in the Shenzhou-12 spaceship just after 1:30 p.m. (5:30 GMT) after having undocke

Animal rights group urges Faeroes to stop dolphin slaughters

Sea Shepherd, the international animal rights group, called on Faeroes on Wednesday to end the slaughtering of dolphins, adding it hopes that pressure will build from within the islands to end its traditional drive of sea mammals into shallow water, where they are slaughtered for their meat and bl

Ozone layer hole bigger than Antarctica: Scientists

The ozone layer of the Southern Hemisphere, the protective layer over the Earth, has grown larger than usual this year, surpassing the size of Antarctica, scientists say. The European Union’s Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service said Thursday that the so-called ozone hole, which appears

NASA reveals new secrets on Mars

The US space agency "NASA" revealed the secrets of the rock samples collected by "Perseverance" from Mars. And NASA announced Friday that the first rocks collected by Perseverance revealed that Jezero crater was once a "sustainable, potentially habitable environment." The news comes on the heels

Pets enjoy some pampering in Palestinian clinic

A new animal clinic has opened in the occupied West Bank, part of a growing tendency among Palestinians to raise and pamper pets. Veterinarian Ahmed Al-Amad's "Royal Care Vet clinic", in the city of Nablus, is one of the few facilities in the Palestinian Territories offering grooming services for

Endangered reptiles of Turkey to be tracked by satellite

Anew project by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning aims to monitor the country’s reptile species that are in danger of extinction. Reptiles, ranging from chameleons, tortoises, lizards and the Caucasus viper endemic to Turkey, will be tracked by microchips planted in/on them. Som