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Hungry black hole may be cosmic 'missing link'

A team of astronomers has found what it says is the best evidence yet for an elusive class of black hole. They say the presumed "intermediate-mass" black hole betrayed its existence by tearing apart a wayward star that ventured too close. These medium-sized holes are a long-sought "missing link" i

Paris lockdown leaves streets stuck in 1942 for abandoned film set

Residents confined to their homes in a corner of northern Paris have been plunged back to one of the darkest moments of the city’s past. Two streets – Rue Berthe and Rue Androuet – in Montmartre in the shadow of the Sacré-Coeur basilica have been left in a timewarp of the N


The pink supermoon on April 7 will not only be the first full moon of spring, but also the biggest and brightest of the year. The reason for this is the moon's uneven orbit, which is more elliptical or oval shaped than it is circular. Every orbit takes 27.3 days to complete and includes a perigee,

Water shutoffs in sharp focus amid coronavirus outbreak

The advice is simple and universal: Washing your hands with soap and water is one of the most effective ways to stop the spread of the coronavirus. But for millions of people across the country, that’s not simple at all: They lack running water in their houses due to service shutoffs prompted

Scientists find bug that feasts on toxic plastic

A bacterium that feeds on toxic plastic has been discovered by scientists. The bug not only breaks the plastic down but uses it as food to power the process. The bacterium, which was found at a waste site where plastic had been dumped, is the first that is known to attack polyurethane. Millions o

Pangolins found to carry related strains

Smuggled pangolins have been found to carry viruses closely related to the one sweeping the world. Scientists say the sale of the animals in wildlife markets should be strictly prohibited to minimise the risk of future outbreaks. Pangolins are the most-commonly illegally trafficked mammal, used bo

Moon looks like Saturn in incredible image: 'Makes you wake up your imagination'

A photographer in Guatemala captured an incredible image of the moon that makes the celestial object look like another — Saturn. Twenty-five-year-old Francisco Sojuel took the photo while at a base camp of volcano Acatenango, near Antigua, British news agency SWNS reports. Sojuel said he took

Singapore scientists study genes to fast-track coronavirus vaccine

Scientists in Singapore say they have developed a way to track genetic changes that speeds testing of vaccines against a coronavirus that has killed more than 16,000 people worldwide.The scientists, at the city-state’s Duke-NUS Medical School, say their technique needs just days to evaluate po


NASA has suspended production and testing of the rocket and crew module for its Artemis moon program amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The space agency announced that it was temporarily closing down its Stennis Space Center and nearby Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans, where the powerful rocket&md

Fins of prehistoric fish reveal origins of the human hand

Inside the stout fins of a fish that prowled the shallow waters of an estuary in what is now eastern Canada about 380 million years ago, scientists have found what they call the evolutionary origins of the human hand.The researchers examined a remarkably complete fossil of a fish called Elpistostege

No family, fanfare for NASA astronaut launching next month

A NASA astronaut who’s about to leave the planet for six months will blast off without any family or fanfare because of the coronavirus. Chris Cassidy said Thursday that he won’t have any guests at his April 9 launch from Kazakhstan. He expects to say goodbye in Russia to his wife, Juli

‘Wonderchicken’ fossil reveals ancestor of today’s birds

A tiny fossil skull nicknamed “Wonderchicken” is giving scientists a rare glimpse at early ancestors of today’s birds. It may be the oldest known fossil from this group. With a face like those of today’s chicken-like birds and a back portion like that of living duck-like bir

On faraway planet, it's cloudy with a chance of liquid iron rain

Scientists have detected an exotic planet in another solar system where the weather forecast is always dire - a 100 percent chance of the most outrageous rain imaginable, with droplets of scaldingly hot liquid iron.The researchers said on Wednesday they used the planet-hunting ESPRESSO instrument on

Trials of potential coronavirus treatments start for some existing drugs

Drugs used for treating arthritis are being tested as treatments for COVID-19, the disease caused by a new coronavirus, as researchers rush to find ways of helping patients and slowing the number of infections.Sanofi and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals said on Monday they began a clinical trial of their r

Scientists Say: Fermentation

Fermentation (noun, “FUR-men-TAY-shun”)This word describes a process by which living things break down carbohydrates to make other molecules and provide energy to cells or organs. Carbohydrates are common compounds in food and include sugars and starches Some microbes use fermentation to

A trick from cancer cells helps rats accept transplanted limbs

To help rats adopt transplanted limbs as their own, researchers have harnessed a ruse that cancer cells use to hide from the immune system — effectively reprograming the animals’ defenses to ignore foreign tissue. Rats injected with engineered microparticles tolerated a hind limb transp

Coronavirus is most contagious before and during the first week of symptoms

As sweeping efforts to contain the COVID-19 pandemic go into effect around the globe, researchers are starting to get hints of just when patients are most contagious. People infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes the disease, may test positive for the virus both before and after they have

Stegosaurus footprints found on Skye first evidence iconic dinosaur roamed Scotland

Scientists have discovered footprints left by stegosaurus dinosaurs 170 million years ago on the Isle of Skye, the first evidence the iconic creatures once lived in Scotland. A team of palaeontologists from the University of Edinburgh found the line of grapefruit-sized prints after a storm in 2017

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