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Has another interstellar visitor been found?

An amateur astronomer has discovered a comet that could come from outside our Solar System. If so, it would be the second interstellar object after the elongated body known as 'Oumuamua was identified in 2017. The Minor Planet Center (MPC) at Harvard University has issued a formal announcement of

'Moss piglets' could be alive on the moon after spacecraft crash

A tiny creature called a Tardigrade could be alive in space after a spacecraft carrying several thousands of them crashed into the moon. The micro animals - often called water bears or moss piglets - are less than a millimetre long and can survive extreme temperatures. Tardigrades, with their barre

Facebook hints at hiding 'likes'

By Zoe KleinmanTechnology reporter, BBC News Jane Manchun Wong found the code, which has not been activated. Instagram, which is also owned by Facebook, is conducting a similar test in seven countries including Canada and Brazil, where only the account holder in the trial can see the number of lik

Scientists Develop New Clothes to Control Electronics

Cairo - Hazem Badr - A new type of clothes may soon help you turn on the lights and music while also keeping you fresh, dry, fashionable, clean and safe from the latest virus and bacteria that's going around. Purdue University researchers have developed a new fabric innovation that allows wearers to

Twitter points finger at mobile carrier after Dorsey’s account hack

 tter blamed chief executive Jack Dorsey’s mobile phone carrier for a hack of his Twitter account that sent out a stream of offensive tweets on Friday. “The phone number associated with the account was compromised due to a security oversight by the mobile provider,” Twitter s

Billboard illustrating humanoid robots at 2018 China International Robot Show in Shanghai. Reuters

  The trade war between the US and China will hit Apple this weekend, dragging the largest US technology company into a fracas that threatens to raise prices on popular consumer gadgets and undermine a giant but delicate global supply chain. President Donald Trump’s 15 per cent China ta

Bird-Like Robot Flies at Chinese Robot Exhibition

Beijing - London - During an international robot conference in China, many tech companies have showcased their newest creations including a bird-like robot that can actually fly. The robotic flying bird, inspired by a herring gull and created by German automation firm Festo, is able to take off,

UN report warns life-giving oceans are becoming danger

The same oceans that nourished human evolution are poised to unleash misery on a global scale unless the carbon pollution destabilising Earth's marine environment is brought to heel, warns a draft UN report. Destructive changes already set in motion could see a steady decline in fish stocks, a hun

Windows boss leaves tech-giant Microsoft

Agencies - Steven Sinofsky, the head of Microsoft's Windows division, has left the company with immediate effect. Sinofsky's departure on Tuesday comes just weeks after the software company launched Windows 8, which represented a major overhaul of its popular computer operating system. Microsoft d

Nanotech may transform energy storage

A US scientist says he and his team are re-conceptualizing energy storage by utilizing nanotechnology. Stanford Assistant Professor Yi Cui says nanotech products of the future might allow energy storage on paper and cloth while retaining the mechanical properties of ordinary paper or fabric. Cui's

US space shuttle Endeavour lands in Florida

After finding a break in the rainy weather at two US landing sites, the shuttle Endeavour descended to a landing in Florida late Sunday to end a two-week mission that pushed the long running assembly of the International Space Station close to completion. The shuttle's high speed glide to Earth end

US and Russian satellites collide

A privately-owned US telecommunications satellite has collided with a defunct Russian satellite in what US military officials say is the first such orbital collision ever recorded. The satellites hit each other at a combined velocity of about 11km-a-second, or 10 times faster than a rifle

Jordan agriculture threatened by worst rainfall in 50 years

DUBAI - Jordan Valley Farmers are experiencing a severe lack of rainfall and urgent steps are needed to expand the area covered by greenery and promote the efficient use of water, environmentalists say. “The rainfall situation this season is unprecedented. Jordan has not witnessed such a situ

Ballmer: Windows 7 is nearly final

Las Vegas - (AP)- Microsoft's next version of the Windows operating system is almost ready for prime time. That was one message chief executive Steve Ballmer delivered on the eve of the official opening of the International Consumer Electronics Show. The world's largest software maker also announc

'Dark energy' expands, contracts universe: researchers

WASHINGTON (AFP) – Mysterious "dark energy" works simultaneously to expand the universe and shrink objects inside it, astronomers in the United States said Tuesday. By studying how gravity competes with the expansion of galaxy clusters, scientists have found "a crucial independ

Without Macworld, how will Apple create the buzz?

(CNET)- With its decision to end its relationship with the Macworld Expo, Apple is cutting one of its last ties to an era in which it wasn't a technology powerhouse. Apple CEO Steve Jobs, shown here in September, has given his last keynote at Macworld.  The shocking news that January's Macw

Expect logjam of cell phone calls at Obama inauguration

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Hundreds of thousands of Americans are planning to converge on the National Mall on January 20 to witness the historic moment when Barack Obama takes the oath of office.  Wireless carriers in the D.C.-metro area are preparing for a massive cell phone traffic gridloc

Nasa set to launch 'CO2 hunter'

By Jonathan Amos - BBC The US space agency is set to launch a satellite that can map in detail where carbon dioxide is in the atmosphere. Nasa's Orbiting Carbon Observatory (OCO) will pinpoint the key locations on the Earth's surface where CO2 is being emitted and absorbed. CO2 from human acti

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