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Overfishing in Congo threatens endangered sharks, report warns

Each day, fishmongers in Congo Republic pile up hundreds of dead sharks on the shore and begin lopping off fins and bartering over hammerheads and other endangered species.The bustling seaside business could be jeopardizing the marine environment in the Gulf of Guinea, wildlife trade group TRAFFIC

Badger family rescued from deep Milton Keynes shaft

Family of badgers had to be rescued after all three tumbled into a deep concrete pit. The two adults and a juvenile were spotted in the 2.4m (8ft) drainage shaft in a rural spot in Milton Keynes. "The old concrete cover... had collapsed into it so the badgers were huddled up together under some

Scientists unlock Alpine trees' molecular defence

Researchers have found a way to tackle a disease that threatens thousands of hectares of Alpine forests each year. Needle bladder rust causes Norway spruce needles to yellow and fall out, causing a significant reduction in growth. Scientists in Austria have unlocked a natural defence mechanism t

Morrisons considers ditching all 'bags for life' for paper

The supermarket chain Morrisons is starting trials which could see it ditch all its plastic bags for life. From Monday it will offer strong paper bags instead of reusable plastic ones in eight stores, and, if customers seem happy, offer them at all 494 stores. Morrisons says the paper bags can c

'Highest temperature on Earth' as Death Valley, US hits 54.4C

What could be the highest temperature ever reliably recorded on Earth - 130F (54.4C) - may have been reached in Death Valley National Park, California. The recording is being verified by the US National Weather Service. It comes amid a heatwave on the US's west coast, where temperatures are fore

Scavenging bald eagles face threat from vehicles in Michigan

 Bald eagles that soar majestically through Michigan skies are finding danger on the ground even after recovering from the brink of extinction. The birds are now more likely to die after getting struck by cars or from lead they consume as they pick off the carcass of road kill and animals, i

Astronomers Discover New Galaxy Born 12 Billion Light Years Ago

Astronomers have discovered a very young galaxy that looks surprisingly like our Milky Way, appearing as a ring of light at a distance of 12 billion light years in the dark universe. The galaxy, named SPT0418-47, is so far away its light has taken more than 12 billion years to reach us. Astronome

'Extinct' large blue butterfly successfully reintroduced to UK

Finally, some good news! Conservationists have successfully reintroduced previously extinct large blue butterflies to the UK, with the creatures populating parts of the country for the first time in 150 years. Around 750 large blue butterflies, recognizable by the distinct row of black spots on i

A star is reborn: dust cloud blamed for dimming of Betelgeuse

The sudden dimming of one of the Milky Way’s brightest stars, Betelgeuse, could be due to a dust cloud spewing up from its surface, astronomers have said. The mystery has enthralled skywatchers since the star – part of the Orion constellation – began to lose luminosity last Octo

Locust swarm signal identified in step towards curbing plagues

Scientists have identified a chemical compound released by locusts that causes them to swarm, opening the door to new ways to prevent these insects from devouring crops vital to human sustenance as they have for millennia. Researchers said on Wednesday they identified the pheromone – a chem

Study: Crocodylian Deinosuchus Preyed on Large Dinosaurs

A new study on crocodylian Deinosuchus has explained the bite marks on dinosaur fossil bones. Paleontologists have long speculated that massive beasts preyed on dinosaurs. The new study led by paleontologists from the University of Tennessee and the University of Iowa in the United Sates, found th

Frankfurt sniffer dog catches whiff of hidden cash stash

A sharp-nosed sniffer dog has helped German authorities to seize €247,280 (£223,673) worth of undeclared money from travellers at Frankfurt airport. The Malinois pooch, named Aki, found 12 people's secret stashes between the end of June and start of July. In one instance, almost &euro

Indigenous Australians 'farmed bananas 2,000 years ago'

Archaeologists say they have found ancient banana farms once managed by Australia's Indigenous peoples. The sites, which date back 2,145 years, were found on a tiny island north of the mainland in the Torres Strait. Researchers found banana microfossils, stone tools, charcoal and a series of ret

Indonesia’s Sinabung volcano ejects towering column of ash

Indonesia’s rumbling Mount Sinabung erupted Monday, sending a column of volcanic materials as high as 5,000 meters (16,400 feet) into the sky and depositing ash on villages. Falling grit and ash accumulated up to 5 centimeters (2 inches) in already abandoned villages on the volcano’s sl

Starvation looms for Morocco’s horses as tourism collapses

Abdenabi Nouidi sold his favorite horse for $150 to help feed the others on the team that pulls tourists in carriages through the buzzing streets of Marrakech, and he is still scared about the future for the others. The prospect of starvation looms for carriage horses and other animals normally us

Japan's mysterious 'Dragon Eye' lake

Tucked away on Mount Hachimantai in northeastern Japan is a lake called Kagami Numa. Most of the time it’s pretty ordinary looking, but if you go there at the right time you might be lucky to get a glimpse of a phenomenon which transforms the lake into what looks like a giant eye. Local lege

Scientists Find New Method to Track Space Junk in Daylight

Scientists said they had discovered a way to detect space debris even in daylight hours, which could facilitate space observations, reported a new study published in the Nature Communications journal. Since 1957, over 9000 satellites and around 23,000 objects larger than 10 centimeters have been

North Andover kids collect trash along river, learn about environment

As they snaked their way along the banks of the Merrimack River, these young people almost couldn't believe their eyes. There was up all kinds of trash — beer cans and bottles, plastic bags, hunks of metal and even a few car tires. It was the first time many of the kids had been this close

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