The Riddle of the Rosetta

Authors: Jed Z. Buchwald and Diane Greco Josefowicz In 1799, a French Army officer was rebuilding the defenses of a fort on the banks of the Nile when he discovered an ancient stele fragment bearing a decree inscribed in three different scripts. So begins one of the most familiar tales in Eg

Prototype Nation by Silvia M. Lindtner

How did China’s mass manufacturing and “copycat” production become transformed, in the global tech imagination, from something holding the nation back to one of its key assets? Prototype Nation offers a rich transnational analysis of how the promise of democratized innovation and

Rethinking Language, Mind, and Meaning by Scott Soames

In this book, Scott Soames argues that the revolution in the study of language and mind that has taken place since the late 19th century must be rethought. The central insight in the reigning tradition is that propositions are representational. To know the meaning of a sentence or the content of a


Author:Martha S. Jones Vanguard by Martha Jones is a nonfiction novel about how Black women fought for political power through America’s history.“While Jones writes about some of the famous Black female activists like Sojourner Truth, Fannie Lou Hamer, and Harriet Tubman, she also wri

Republic Of Wrath

Author: James A. Morone Political scientist James A. Morone surveys more than 200 years of partisan discord in this incisive and well-researched history.Monroe “marshals a vast amount of information into a brisk, accessible narrative, and draws illuminating contrasts between past and presen

The Great Secret

Author: Jennet Conant Historian Jennet Conant reveals the surprising links between chemotherapy and chemical weapons in this well-researched and engrossing account.The Great Secret is the gripping story of a chemical weapons catastrophe, its cover-up, and how one army doctor’s discovery led

How the Songs Work by Timothy Hampton

Bob Dylan’s reception of the 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature has elevated him beyond the world of popular music, establishing him as a major modern artist. However, until now, no study of his career has focused on the details and nuances of the songs, showing how they work as artistic statem

The Dictionary Wars by Peter Martin

The Dictionary Wars recounts the patriotic fervor in the early American republic to produce a definitive national dictionary that would rival Samuel Johnson’s 1755 Dictionary of the English Language. But what began as a cultural war of independence from Britain devolved into a battle among l

‘The Pact We Made’: Exploring family life in Kuwait

Layla Al-Ammar’s debut novel, “The Pact We Made,” takes readers to Kuwait and the rituals and life of a Kuwaiti family. A mother and father live with their two daughters, one of whom is married. The approaching thirtieth birthday of Dahlia, the unmarried daughter, has the family

The Quiet Americans by Scott Anderson

The Quiet Americans — from the bestselling author of Lawrence in Arabia — is a gripping history of the early years of the Cold War, the CIA’s covert battles against communism, and the tragic consequences which still affect America and the world today.   Author Scott A

The History of Rome by Mike Duncan

The Roman Empire stands as the greatest political achievement in the history of Western civilization. From its humble beginnings as a tiny kingdom in central Italy, Rome grew to envelope the entire Mediterranean until it ruled an empire that stretched from the Atlantic to Syria and from the Sahara

A Field Guide to Grad School: Uncovering the Hidden Curriculum

Some of the most important things you need to know in order to succeed in graduate school—like how to choose a good advisor, how to get funding for your work, and whether to celebrate or cry when a journal tells you to revise and resubmit an article—won’t be covered in any class.

Trust in Numbers by Theodore M. Porter

What accounts for the prestige of quantitative methods? The usual answer is that quantification is desirable in social investigation as a result of its successes in science.  Trust in Numbers questions whether such success in the study of stars, molecules, or cells should be an attractive mo

Vesper Flights

In Vesper Flights, Helen Macdonald brings together a collection of her best loved essays, along with new pieces on topics ranging from nostalgia for a vanishing countryside to the tribulations of farming ostriches to her own private vespers while trying to fall asleep.Vesper Flights 

Watermarks: Leonardo da Vinci and the Mastery of Nature

Formless, mutable, transparent: The element of water posed major challenges for the visual artists of the Renaissance. To the engineers of the era, water represented a force that could be harnessed for human industry but was equally possessed of formidable destructive power.For Leonardo da Vinci,

On Seamus Heaney by Roy Foster

The most important Irish poet of the postwar era, Seamus Heaney rose to prominence as his native Northern Ireland descended into sectarian violence.  A national figure at a time when nationality was deeply contested, Heaney also won international acclaim, culminating in the Nobel Prize for L

Higher Expectations by Derek Bok

In recent decades, cognitive psychologists have cast new light on human development and given colleges new possibilities for helping students acquire skills and qualities that will enhance their lives and increase their contributions to society. In this landmark book, Derek Bok explores how colleg

Trump's Ex-Lawyer Michael Cohen Says to Reveal President's 'Skeletons' in Upcoming Book

This image provided by Skyhorse Publishing shows the cover of Michael Cohen's new book, "Disloyal: The True Story of the Former Personal Attorney to President Donald J. Trump." Cohen’s memoir about Trump will be released Sept. 8, 2020.WASHINGTON - Michael Cohen, U.S. President Donald Trump's f

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