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Macy’s to stop selling real fur by end of fiscal year 2020

Macy’s Inc. says it will stop selling real fur by the end of its fiscal year 2020 at its namesake stores, Bloomingdale’s, as well as at its discount outlets. As part of the announcement, the department store chain says it will close its fur vaults and salons. In a statement, Macy&rsquo

Halima Aden jets to New York after whirlwind Riyadh visit

 Halima Aden bid goodbye to Riyadh on Tuesday as she’s scheduled to speak at Glamour’s Women of the Year Summit in New York this weekend. The Somali-American model uploaded two videos on her Instagram Stories that showed her driving down a palm-tree lined street. “Bye bye, R

Lebanon's women protest a double burden

BEIRUT - Marching along with hundreds of other women in Lebanon's capital, 41-year-old Sahar says she had twice the reasons to join in the nation's mass anti-system protests than any man. "As women, we're doubly oppressed," she said passionately, while around her hundreds waved Lebanese flags and c

Healthy diet may lower risk of hearing loss in women

Hearing loss affects approximately 48 million Americans. Some evidence suggests that diet may influence risk of hearing loss. Previous studies have looked at how specific nutrients affect risk, but the relation of overall diet and risk of developing hearing loss was unclear. In a new study, research

How to cope with pregnancy nausea and morning sickness

Morning sickness or nausea, sometimes accompanied with vomiting, is caused by pregnancy hormones during the first trimester of pregnancy, and sometimes begins as early as two weeks after conception. Some women find that nausea and vomiting are worst in the morning. But symptoms can occur at any time

72 female members of Parliament pen open letter calling out ‘distasteful,’ ‘misleading’ stories about Meghan Markle

Hope Schreiber    Female members of Parliament (MPs) who "share an understanding of the abuse and intimidation” by the British press are banding together to voice their support for the Meghan Markle as she and Prince Harry fight the “often distasteful and misleading” st

Thousands of Amazon shoppers swear by this 'perfect' and 'genius' wallet — on sale starting at only $12

Adrianna Barrionuevo  There are wallets, and then there are wallets. The Travelambo Women’s Wallet has everything you could ask for in a wallet: It’s inexpensive, spacious, stylish and is radio frequency identification-blocking (RFID). The faux-leather accessory has an impressive

Will Coconut Oil Make Your Hair Grow?

There are so many oils out there it's impossible to keep up, but many consider coconut oil the HBIC of all oils. Its gained such a glowing reputation because there's not a lot of things coconut oil can't do. It's one of those do-it-all miracle oils that might as well be the beauty world's holy wat

These 8 Reminders Will Save Your Relationship from Any Break-Up Thoughts

Recently, relationship advice approaches are focusing on topics that teach you when you should immediately break-up or why you should no longer sacrifice for your partner. This is great, of course! However, it is not enough because constantly focusing the light only on reasons for 'leaving', will gr

Benefits of Baking Soda for Hair, Skin, and Body

Baking soda is a critical element in a lot of baked goods because it causes food to rise. Without it, all cakes and cookies would be flat bricks. You don’t need very much baking soda in any given recipe, but the box it comes in is relatively large. Wouldn’t it be nice to have another u

What you should teach your children about money

Money is one of the demands and extremely important how you teach them about earning, saving and spending: 1. Teach them about earningBy 'earning’ I don’t mean just earning as in ‘being paid to work’, I really mean earning as in ‘how money is received’. So, I w

3 stylish ways to personalize your kitchen

From cooking to conversing to entertaining, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s also a space that homeowners often dream of renovating. A growing trend in kitchen design is personalization, where thoughtful updates go beyond stainless-steel appliances and standard cabinetry to incorpo

Nanny versus nursery: which is the better childcare option?

Parenthood: while it’s full of heartwarming cuddles and memorable milestones, the majority of new parents in the 21st century are unable to commit to being full-time, stay-at-home mums and dads. Mothers who are facing the end of their maternity leave and preparing to rejoin the workplace are

Golden girl: Beyonce dazzles in Kuwaiti designer Yousef Al Jasmi

As the old adage goes, all that glitters is not gold – but Beyonce proved otherwise this week.The American singer stepped out in a glimmering, golden gown on Saturday, to attend the opening of film production studio, Tyler Perry Studios.The Halo star turned to a label from the region for the

Sheikha Hoor Al Qasimi to take over brother Khalid Al Qasimi’s London fashion label

Sheikha Hoor Al Qasimi has been named the creative director of London menswear label Qasimi. She will take over the reigns following the death of her twin brother Sheikh Khalid bin Sultan Al Qasimi, the fashion designer behind London menswear label Qasimi and son of the Ruler of Sharjah, who died

Reading between the lines at Paris Fashion Week

Maybe it’s the mood stirred up in Europe by Brexit or the Greta Thunberg effect, but fashion seems to be about more than pretty clothes these days. There appears to be a sense of needing to be useful, of longevity and of actually serving a purpose. Rather than flash-in-the-pan ideas, the gener

For the Story Pirates, kids’ creativity is a treasure

Ben Brown was riding in the back seat of a car in Falls Church, Virginia, this summer when he recognized the tune on the radio. I thought, ‘That’s my song!’ ” says Ben, who’s almost 8 years old. “I was proud.” He should be proud when he rocks out to

The Best Nontoxic & Natural Face Washes For All Skin Types

  Ah, face washes: The backbone of the beauty routine, the unsung hero. Serums andoils tend to get all the attention and adoration for their potent actives. Toners and essences are trendy. SPFs are the hot-button topic of late. Masks are Instagram's favorite. But cleansers? They're always ther