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mistakes that contribute to ending the marriage

Marriage is a partnership relationship between two parties, which cannot succeed without the spouses making an effort, and the failure of the marriage places responsibility on the shoulders of the two parties, so each party contributes in one way or another to the destruction of the marriage, even

Marks on the nails that may indicate serious health problems

There are usually no symptoms of high cholesterol. But in rare cases, a high cholesterol level can be detected from a nail condition. According to Express, based on data from the American Academy of Dermatology Society, that dark lines appear on the nails, which may be a sign of serious health pr

Who is Amanda Gorman, the poet who lit up Biden's inauguration?

America's youngest known inauguration poet set the internet ablaze with her engaging verse declaring America "not broken". Amanda Gorman, 22, wore a bright yellow jacket and red headband as she delivered her inspiring original composition, The Hill We Climb, to hundreds gathered at the

How do women think?

A woman’s way of thinking differs from a man’s way of thinking, and scholars explain that the vast majority of a man’s thinking takes place on the left side of the brain, while the vast majority of a woman’s thinking takes place on the right side of the brain. According to

Beware of asthma medications during pregnancy

The German Society for Allergy and Asthma issued a medical report warning pregnant women about the effect of taking asthma and allergy medications during pregnancy, as these drugs pose a risk to the fetus.The report stated that a pregnant woman's taking asthma and allergy medications during pregn

Iran approves bill to protect women against domestic violence

The Iranian government approved a long-awaited bill on Sunday addressing domestic violence against women. The proposed law is aimed at the "Protection, Dignity and Security of Women against Violence" and covers actions or behaviour that causes "physical or mental harm". The bill has been under re

6 Questions That Determine Are You Attractive?

The measure of attractiveness differs from one person to another, and attractiveness, or as it is known as "charisma," is considered a divine gift that not everyone can possess, and attractiveness has important effects on social and professional relationships.That is why researchers at the Univers

Symptoms and methods of treating the seventh nerve

Facial paralysis is the inability to move the muscles that control smiling, blinking, and other facial movements. This condition can affect a person's ability to transmit emotions, and most of the time, facial paralysis is limited to one side of the face.Paralysis can occur if any part of the faci


On Tuesday, cult Brooklyn-based brand Telfar announced they had collaborated with Australian sheepskin brand UGG. The news was announced alongside a sneak peak of the upcoming collection on Instagram in a photograph of designer Telfar Clemens sprawled suggestively in front of a white Christmas tr

know Sue Scandal by Jean Paul Gaultier

Sue Scandal by Jean Paul Gaultier is one of the best, luxurious and most attractive perfumes, and below you get to know this attractive fragrance. The bottle The bottle has a rounded texture in the middle, with longitudinal ribbons ending in a slender neck; The cap takes the form of two bent leg

Easy and simple way to rejuvenate

Professor Satuchi Fudjita, a professor at the Faculty of Sports Health at Japan's Ritsumeikan University, announced that increasing muscle mass allows a person to appear younger. According to Nihon Keizai, the professor recommends regular physical exercise and protein intake that is essential for

These are the three most effective abdominal workouts

With the New Year fast approaching, people have begun drawing their resolutions to bring about personal transformation, and a much needed one at that after a cancelled 2020. Getting fit tops most resolution lists and understandably so, with folks piling on the kilos during the holiday period. On

Send words of love to your husband before bed

The absence of your husband from the house due to travel does not mean that you neglect him, but rather you have to act as if he is with you, so before going to sleep, send him romantic love words that strengthen your love. Here are the most prominent love words for the traveling husband before b

A study reveals a forgotten organ in the chest that may be the key to preventing miscarriage in pregnant women!

A study has shown that an unknown organ in the chest called the thymus gland (or thymus) may be crucial in protecting pregnant women and their unborn babies. The organ was found in the center of the chest, and scientists now believe it plays a major role in regulating the immune system during pre

Barcelona women revive bike delivery business

Following their passion for cycling, Ariadna Serra and her co-workers created Les Mercedes, a cycling delivery company out of their cycling tour company in Barcelona. The pandemic played a huge part in their decision, instead of closing down they decided to follow their passion and benefit from t

A Lebanese scientist won the “L'Oréal UNESCO” prize for women in the field of science

The UN News website reported that Lebanese scientist Abla El Sebaei, professor of epidemiology at the American University of Beirut, won the “L'Oréal UNESCO” prize for women in science. The website stated that Professor Abla El Sebaei won this award for the African region and t

Essential nutrients to boost your baby's immune system

When your toddler encounters germs, whether through disease or vaccinations, his body begins to form antibodies to diseases, so his immunity is formed between the ages of six months to three years, and your child's immune system will not be completed before the age of five, so all that you give to

What are the methods of setting priorities at work?

It's the oldest time management advice: you have to set priorities. Self-help experts advise dividing the list of things to do into 'A-tasks,' 'B-tasks,' and so on. But this is easier said than done. Usually everything seems to be a first priority. Just try telling your boss that their favorite pr