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21 Spring Nail Colors You Need To Try ASAP

It may not feel like it, but Spring is almost here. As you change your down jacket to a denim jacket, consider it time to switch up your nail polish wardrobe too. Unsure what to replace your wine reds, holiday metallics, and midnight blues with? Reach for lighter and brighter shades, says LA-based n


There is no significant link between using talcum powder on the genital area and developing ovarian cancer, new research has found. The findings come after Johnson & Johnson was ordered to pay $4.69bn in damages to 22 women and their families who claimed that asbestos in the company’s tal

Actress Yasmine Sabri: First Arab woman in Cartier campaign

Egyptian actress Yasmine Sabri just became the first Middle Eastern woman to star in French luxury jeweler Cartier’s campaign for its Panthere De Cartier collection. In the video the star shared on her Instagram, Sabri stars alongside Italian model Mariacarla Boscono and British actors Ella B

The Independent’s Women of the Decade, from Greta Thunberg to Serena Williams

Gina Martin, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Serena Williams ( Getty ) The past decade will go down in history as one filled with milestone moments for women: the rise of fourth wave feminism, the growth of the #MeToo movement, a second female prime minister for the UK, and women leading activism acro

Drunk men are a danger to women. So should feminists fight booze culture?

Lots of research links male alcohol consumption to violence against women. Is all this female suffering worth it, just so men can have their boozy fun?The temperance movement seized American public life in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, galvanizing women in a mass social crusade. Linked to

In Tunisia, New Generation of Women’s Initiatives Reshaping Feminism

Decolonization, intersectionality or inclusivity: whatever the label, a new generation of Tunisian women’s initiatives is reshaping the first prototype of Tunisian feminism. Since the late 1950s, pioneering gender-equality reforms have given Tunisia the reputation of being a women rights cham

Women and girls are joining Chad's internet revolution

The internet revolution is coming - old news in much of the world but not in Chad, a tech laggard where women languish at the very back of the line when it comes to connectivity. With just 6.5 percent of the population online, the landlocked African nation of Chad has the sixth-lowest rate of inter

Fashion, actually: style inspiration from Christmas films

If you went to see this year’s seasonal romcom Last Christmas hoping to come away feeling warm, fuzzy and festive, you may have left feeling disappointed. But, if you went along looking for fashion inspiration … you will have fared no better. In his one-star review, this paper’s

Azza Fahmy: Arab Storytelling through Jewellery

Egypt has had a tradition of making jewellery since antiquity, and exquisite pieces can be found in museum collections and exhibitions around the world. Putting a contemporary stamp on this ancient art form is Azza Fahmy, a female jeweller who has been blazing a trail in a male-dominated industry fo

Hannah Dines on going public with her labia surgery: ‘It started a big conversation’

The professional US cyclist Alison Tetrick had the same surgery as me. She pushed her sponsor, Specialized, to take seriously the problems women on her team were having with their saddles. A two-year research project led to the only saddle I can now use without pain (the Power Saddle with Mimic tech

Record number of over-45s giving birth in England

The number of women aged 45 and over giving birth is at the highest level since records began 80 years ago, figures show. The number of live births in this age group rose from 1,619 a decade ago to 2,366 in 2018. In 1938, when records began, there were 2,085 births to women over 45, according to th

Finland Is Now Completely Run By Women, With Sanna Marin At The Helm

Brianna Provenzano By almost any metric, Finland, as a country, is thriving. Environmental health? Ranked first in the world, according to the most recent study by Yale’s Center for Environmental Law & Policy. World happiness? Yep, Finland tops the list there too. Frozen 2? Was just relea

Exactly How To Wash Your Face After A Workout, According To Derms

Jamie Schneider Picture this: You’re having a self-care Sunday, and you’re inspired to attend a sweaty yoga session, drink a green smoothie, and slap on a face mask while you try and combat Sunday scaries. It all sounds lovely, but how should you really go about post-workout skin care?

China’s chief on journey to boost working mothers

The head of Chinese travel giant, Jane Sun, is on a mission to propel women through her workforce, spearheading novel approaches such as encouraging babies on business trips and free egg freezing. As a working mother, she understands the challenges faced by many women in China, whose parti

Melania Trump defends rights of Baltimore teens to boo her

Baltimore - Melania Trump on Tuesday November 26, 2019 defended the rights of teenagers who booed her when she addressed them in Baltimore, a city her husband, President Donald Trump, has disparaged as “rat and rodent infested.” She traveled there to urge hundreds of middle and high sch

Thinking of laser hair removal? Here’s what you need to know

Rodney Sinclair * Unwanted facial and body hair can affect the way we feel, our social interactions, what we wear and what we do. Options to camouflage or remove unwanted hair include plucking, shaving, bleaching, using creams and epilation (using a device that pulls out multiple hairs at once).

'My hijab is not going anywhere, ever... please see me as human': Halima Aden tells trolls

Nyree McFarlane Halima Aden is only 22, but she's already helped to change the face of fashion: a Somali born in a refugee camp in Kenya, she moved to the United States at six; in 2016, she became the first hijab-wearing contestant in Miss America, and in 2017 she entered the mainstream fashion wor

Rihanna casts hijab-wearing model in Fenty campaign

DUBAI- Since launching Fenty Beauty in 2017, Rihanna has made a point to be as inclusive as possible when it came to not just the brand’s cosmetics but the models featured in the campaigns as well. The launch of her latest business endeavor, the LVMH-backed Fenty, proves to be no different. O