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How to install perfume at home?

The consistency of a fragrance is one of the main factors in choosing a perfume over others, as the longer the fragrance remains on your body and the scent continues to envelop you, the greater its value and the greater the pleasure you get from spraying it. Therefore, perfumers resort to relying

How to remove oil stains from clothes?

Most of the time, those pesky grease and oil stains can leave stains on clothes. Within this framework, we provide housekeeping tips for removing oil stains from clothes. baking soda Baking soda is effective in drawing oil from the fabric, and the material is especially suitable for caring for a

International perfumes favored by women

  Women attach special importance to perfumes, as they are well known to be the main complement to their look and elegance. As it is known, the scents of sandalwood, oud, musk and amber are preferred by many, so they tend to perfumes that focus mainly on these tones, which increase their charm

Why scalp care is essential for healthy hair

From clarifying shampoos to head massages, beauty experts find out how – and why – we should be dedicating a bit more time to our scalp. Many of us have been using the past year to fine-tune our skincare routines, but there’s a chance you’re missing out a major area: your

Dior launches exclusive Ramadan capsule collection for the Middle East

Dior has unveiled a new capsule collection dedicated to the Middle East. As part of the Dior Gold capsule, creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri revisits one of the maison’s most enduring codes. From Christian Dior’s earliest haute couture creations, such as the famed Golcon

Stress affects your skin and this is what you can do about it

Have you noticed that your skin has taken a beating in the past year, with an increase in acne, deepening wrinkles or aggravated existing conditions? Blame it on the pandemic. Science says stress impairs not just our mental and physical health, but also the largest organ in our bodies, the skin.

Who is Adania Shibli? Award-winning author of 'Minor Detail' longlisted for the International Booker Prize

Award-winning novelist Adania Shibli was among those longlisted for the International Booker Prize 2021 on Tuesday for her latest book, Tafsil Thanawi (Minor Detail in English), which was released in 2020 and translated into English by Elisabeth Jaquette. Who is Adania Sh

5 beauty secrets on your wedding day

Every bride is keen to have her beauty perfect on her wedding day, if you are planning your wedding, there are some aesthetic secrets and tricks that help you to be in your best pictures, read the following lines to learn about the secrets that enhance your beauty on your big day. 1- Brighter smi

Prepare to counteract moisture and perspiration with our new Kiehl's cream

Recent climate research indicates that the global heat, pollution and humidity are on the increase, which could cause problems for people with oily skin. In fact, even a 1 ° C increase in sebum production increases sebum production by 10% - so that skin appears more oily and is more prone to a

Middle-aged white women worst hit by long COVID-19: Study

Long COVID-19 symptoms after hospital treatment are most prevalent among middle-aged white women, according to two new studies by researchers in the UK. Five months after leaving hospital, 70 percent of patients continued to experience a range of symptoms including fatigue, muscle aches, breathle

Your new Valentino shoes … crochet sneakers

Every day, Valentino presents something new in the world of fashion, its innovative, elegant and luxurious designs that appeal to everyone. In the Mastery Tales series, we discover the timeless excellence and haute couture culture that defines the most iconic elements and symbols of Valentino. Th

Samia Suluhu Hassan becomes Tanzania’s first woman president

Samia Suluhu Hassan made history Friday when she was sworn in as Tanzania’s first female president after the death of her controversial predecessor, John Magufuli, who denied that COVID-19 is a problem in the East African country.Wearing a hijab and holding up a Quran with her right hand, th

Pandemic increases pregnancy stress for US women, says study

A new study has revealed that the COVID-19 pandemic has increased pregnancy stress for expectant mothers as well as postpartum women in the US. The findings indicated that one of their biggest concerns is their baby contracting the disease. Some women expressed fears that simply going to the hosp

New Gucci sneakers cost just $8.99 – but there's a catch

Gucci may not have been part of the recent Milan Fashion Week but that doesn’t mean it has been sitting idle. In a new move, it has just released a range of digital-only sneakers as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Eyeing the lucrative world of high-end sneakers, and keeping pace with the latest

Libyan women want progress after appointment of first female foreign minister

Libya’s first woman foreign minister, Najla El-Mangoush, will be sworn in next week as part of a new unity government, a rare female voice at the top table whose appointment many Libyan women welcomed this week.Mangoush, a lawyer who had a role in the transitional council that briefly govern

One in three women endure violence, says WHO

Nearly one in three women worldwide is subjected to physical or sexual violence during her lifetime, criminal behaviour that has increased during the pandemic, the World Health Organisation said on Tuesday. The UN agency urged governments to prevent violence, improve services for victims and tack

Amnesty slams ‘dangerous’ Swiss veil ban

Switzerland’s vote to ban full face coverings is “needlessly fueling division and fear,” Amnesty International has said, urging authorities to instead focus on measures that genuinely protect women. “After the vote to ban minarets, Swiss voters have once again approved an

Is it safe to take aspirin during pregnancy? Here's everything you need to know

Use of low-dose aspirin — 60 to 100 milligrammes (mg) daily — hasn't been found to be harmful during pregnancy and is sometimes recommended for pregnant women with recurrent pregnancy loss, clotting disorders and preeclampsia.   However, use of higher doses of aspirin poses vari