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British Muslim MP weeps in dock as she is cleared of fraud charges

A jury in London has cleared a Muslim member of parliament of fraud charges. Labour MP Apsana Begum, who represents Poplar and Limehouse in East London, faced three charges of dishonestly failing to disclose information relating to a council housing application between 2013 and 2016. Tower Hamlet

Fondling your baby is a natural pain reliever

A recent British study revealed that petting an infant reduces his brain activities associated with feeling pain, making it a natural way to relieve the infant's feeling of pain.The study was conducted by a scientific team from the universities of "Oxford" and "John Moores" British, and included 3

Apply sunscreen to protect skin from sun’s searing heat

A dermatologist advises everyone to lavishly apply the appropriate type of un-expired sunscreen on their exposed body parts even under gloomy skies, before setting outdoors each day. Stay indoors when the sun is at its peak as sand, concrete, wind and snow reflect light that increases sunburn risk

Beat the heat: How to prevent make-up melting off your face this summer

With heat and humidity at a high, you might think it’s pointless to even wear make-up in the first place given that it might just slide off your face anyway – but, if you want to wear it, don’t give up just yet. While it is true that it can be difficult to keep your make-up look

How do you know the difference between the original perfume and the imitation of the barcode?

How do I know that the perfume is original from the barcode is one of the questions that you can ask yourself and for you we offer you this set of tips. Choosing the right perfume is essential for every woman's look, and we have chosen to show you the way to know the original perfume through the

Nora Al-Matrooshi, First Arab Woman Astronaut in Training

The UAE’s Nora Al-Matrooshi is the first Arab woman to start training to be an astronaut, one of two Emiratis picked from thousands of applicants as the Gulf nation looks to the stars. The 28-year-old mechanical engineer from Sharjah has dreamt about space since she was a girl, learning abo

People use skin care at young age to delay signs of aging

Skin health in connection with over-all health is being discussed and re-learnt by dermatologists from around the world who began to converge physically and online at the Dubai World Trade Centre on Tuesday, for the three-day “Dubai World Dermatology and Laser Conference & Exhibition 202

Four organic Parisian-style products we recommend this month

POWDER is one of our favorite online shopping platforms, because it was born in the UAE and specializes only in providing organic, vegan and animal-free beauty and skincare products. Today this platform brings us one of the interesting beauty brands. It's FRENCH GIRL Organics' all-natural, earth-f

How To Choose Right Perfume & Tips To Buy Right Perfume

Perfumes are an important part of your personality. Often people connect to you on the basis of your perfume. Your fragrance speaks a lot about your personality. So, wearing a good perfume is very important for you.It is not important that if a perfume works great for your best friend, it might do

Meet the first female aerospace engineer in the GCC

"When I was six years old, I decided I wanted to go into space." Saudi Arabia’s first aerospace engineer, Mishaal Ashemimry, made her career decision early on. "My journey to become an aerospace engineer began really early, when my mum took me to a desert in Unayzah during a trip to Saudi

Learn about the duties of an executive secretary

A secretary is someone who organizes the schedule for executives, and assists them by performing a variety of administrative tasks.Executives must be professional, with great time management and multitasking abilities. By being diligent and efficient in their work, executives can focus on their ma

Unconventional uses for soap

Even if you prefer liquid soap, don't give away the rest of your old bar of soap because it can be used for a variety of chores in your home, in addition to making your own liquid soap. Here are some unconventional uses for soap residue. When the drawers or doors don't open smoothly, rub their ed

When should you tell your child about the arrival of a new baby?

Telling a child that he is going to be an older brother or sister is often exciting news and requires some appropriate timing. Following general advice, education expert Nicola Schmidt says babies should not be told about their future siblings before the first three months, as the risk of miscarr

Yeast mask to tighten skin with botox effect

Yeast contains many natural substances that help to tighten the face, protect against wrinkles, and are rich in antioxidants that give you a fresh face and bright skin. For this, the thirtieth girl needs this type of mask that contains yeast and gives her the effect of Botox, to tighten her skin,

Woman trains men in boxing in Egyptian agricultural heartland

Twice a week in a small gym room in the Egyptian city of Beni Suef, 36-year-old Sabah Saqr coaches young men and boys to box. A woman coaching men may not be that unusual in the capital, but in Beni Suef, which lies 100 kilometres (60 miles) south of Cairo in an agricultural area, tradition often

What your husband needs from you during crises

Life does not go on at the same pace, everyone is exposed to crises, and times of crises are very critical and revealing at the same time, as it serves as a tool for evaluating relationships between people. And times of crisis for the spouses are a driving force for the relationship, either makin

Learn about the personality types of women

A woman's personality is a combination of traits and patterns that influence her behavior, thought, motivation, and emotion. It causes her to constantly think, feel, and act in specific ways; It is what makes every woman unique. Over time, these patterns strongly influence personal expectations, p

Dolce&Gabbana Velvet Black Patchouli

Dolce&Gabbana expands the Velvet Collection with Velvet Black Patchouli, an exclusive invitation to the world of Domenico Dolce and Stefan Gabbana. The Velvet Collection was introduced in 2011 and expands every year for one or more new releases. Perfumer Rod