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Palestinian writer Maya Abu Al-Hayyat on the power of literature

The mission statement of the Palestine Writing Workshop (PWW) is to encourage reading in Palestinian communities through creative writing projects and storytelling, but for its director — novelist and poet Maya Abu Al-Hayyat — there is also a more immediate benefit to championing literat

Moringa Oil: 6 Full-Body Beauty Benefits For Skin, Hair & Nails

Since I live a nonstop, fit-everything-into-a-day kind of lifestyle, I reach for multitasking products to make my beauty routine just a smidgen easier. My latest beauty craze: oils. Oils are not only rich in moisture, but they have other properties that help keep my skin, hair, and nails healthy wit

Hero nurse praised for saving 3 newborn babies during Beirut blast

A nurse pictured carrying three newborn babies at a hospital damaged in the Beirut explosion has described being knocked unconscious by the blast.Pamela Zeinoun has been hailed as a hero for cradling the babies amid the chaos following the explosion.The nurse was knocked out inside the maternity war

The Artist-Designed Face Masks Supporting Los Angeles’s Museum of Contemporary Art

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak financial devastation, many of America’s most beloved cultural institutions have been forced to take emergency measures to survive. A recent study suggested that one-third of U.S. museums would not make it through the pandemic without financial rel

6 tips to keep your jewelry clean and shiny

During the summer months, especially with the high temperatures and humidity levels commonly experienced across the region, your precious jewelry can pick up a lot of dirt from sweating. Here are some tips on keeping your accessories clean.     Do not disinfect   Clea

Bahraini artist Mayasa Al-Sowaidi: ‘I am not a commodity’

Barcodes. Those little black lines are everywhere, enabling machines to read data and identify products. But they tell us nothing about the unique characteristics of those products.   So when Bahraini artist Mayasa Al-Sowaidi was preparing to contribute to “I AM” — an exhibi

Is steaming your face actually good for your skin?

If you're missing your regular salon treatments, DIY skin treatments are a popular alternative. The facial steam—a relaxing and detoxifying treatment—is a common add-on to most in-office techniques, and is very easily replicable at home too. But as some extoll the benefits of cooling d

This watch collection by Anne Klein brought to you by Titan Company is setting new standards in sustainability

When it comes to matters of sustainability, what comes to mind are the long-term effects of big industries, like automobiles or construction. But given that the planet is at a critical stage, where every bit counts, smaller industries collectively can make a great impact and bring about a positive

The Fortune 500 now has a record number of female CEOs: A whopping 38

Clorox just named Linda Rendle as its new chief executive, bringing the number of women CEOs on the Fortune 500 list to 38 — a new record that underscores the slow pace of change at the highest levels of business. Rendle, who is currently president of the company, has been with Clorox (CLX)

An easy recipe to make delicious baked fish

Cooking fish for 10 minutes per inch of thickness is an old rule of thumb that works perfectly when roasting fillets or steaks. It’s just enough time to cook the flesh through so that it’s opaque, but not so much that it flakes. The only hitch comes with fillets that are uneven. Use yo

How blue light from your phone is ageing your skin and disrupting your sleep

According to scientists, the blue light that emits from our phone, laptop and other devices can have a negative impact on sleep, skin, and mood. From high-tech glasses to innovative serums, arm yourself with some of the below If you’re reading this, it’s too late. Unless you’re

How to deep clean your home like a professional

With the Covid-19 continuing to spread in Australia, the concept of "deep cleaning" has become more commonplace. We often hear about businesses closing for deep cleaning after an infection has been identified. But what does it mean to deep clean your house? And how does it differ to everyday clean

Who was Bahiga Hafez? Google Doodle pays tribute to pioneering Egyptian actress and filmmaker

Celebrated Egyptian actress, writer and filmmaker Bahiga Hafez has been immortalised by a regional artist to celebrate what would have been the cinema legend's 112th birthday. Google dedicated its Tuesday, August 4, doodle to the pioneering screen star. The portrait was captured by Cairo illustrat

Startup of the Week: Jawa 7alawa, a cruelty-free makeup brand

With the plethora of make-up brands introduced onto the market over the past few years and a growing public awareness regarding the controversial testing of products on animals, young startup brands are increasingly incorporating a cruelty-free approach into their ethos.Jawa 7alawa, a Saudi cruelty-

Dr. Amal bint Jameel Fatani, Saudi Arabia’s cultural attache to the UK

Dr. Amal bint Jameel Fatani was recently appointed Saudi Arabia’s cultural attache to the UK. Education Minister Hamad Al-Asheikh issued a decision to appoint the Kingdom’s first women cultural attaches on Sunday. Other appointments include Fahda bint Abdul Aziz Al-Asheikh as cultural at

For Iraqi mothers-to-be, hospitals are pandemic no-go zones

 Iraqi midwife Umm Mariam used to help bring three babies into the world per day. But with mothers-to-be avoiding pandemic-hit hospitals, she now delivers twice that number in her makeshift home clinic. Across the country recovering from decades of war, health centers face shortages of oxygen

How to wear a glamisole

Idon’t really approve of underwear as outerwear. I don’t mean this in a puritanical way. I’m certainly not slut-shaming anyone here. I just have a low opinion of it as a genre, in the same way that I have a low opinion of sleeveless knitwear (comfortable in absolutely no weather si

Women's prize for playwriting longlist is 'politically charged', say producers

The longlisted writers for a new prize for female playwrights have created “satisfyingly puzzling” characters and “ambitious, politically charged” plays, say the award’s producers. The Women’s prize for playwriting, open to writers in the UK and Ireland who ident

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