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Harmful practices rob women and girls of ‘right to reach their full potential’

Every year, millions of girls are subjected to practices that routinely harm them, both physically and emotionally, with the full knowledge and consent of their families, friends and communities, the report states.“Harmful practices against girls cause profound and lasting trauma, robbing them

Suspect Your Friend Is Jealous of You? Here's What to Do

Life is full of trials, of course, and healthy relationships can offer invaluable support. But in a society where we often feel pressure to maintain the flow of our peers, it's easy to fall into the trap of comparison and insecurity—particularly with the ones closest to us: our friends. So wh

Black Arab women tackle long-standing discrimination

AMMAN - Black Arab women are drawing inspiration from global anti-racism protests to fight back against long-standing discrimination and Middle Eastern beauty standards that favour light skin and straight hair. Black Arabs in the Middle East and North Africa, who descend from sub-Saharan Africans,

Paris Fashion Week to take place in Sept / Oct

Paris Fashion Week will take place in September and October with a mix of physical and digital shows, the Federation de la Haute Couture et de la Mode announced this week as countries ease coronavirus restrictions. The event, considered one of the most important shows on the fashion circuit, is exp

Are Your Beauty Products Safe? Why 'Clean Beauty' Isn't Always Enough.

The 2019 documentary “Toxic Beauty” opens with a striking quote: “The cosmetics industry is destroying women’s cells.” C-E-L-L-S, the interviewee spells out in case there was any doubt that yes, she’s talking about our literal cells. The film unpacks the harmful

Fashion houses unveil plans for major shows behind closed doors

Fashion is following the example of football by restarting its season behind closed doors. Christian Dior announced on Monday that a major show that had been scheduled to take place in May will go ahead on 22 July. Models, makeup artists and musicians will be flown to Puglia in southern Italy for

Working mothers interrupted more often than fathers in lockdown - study

Working mothers have been able to do only one hour of uninterrupted paid work for every three hours done by men during lockdown, according to a study that exposes the work imbalance between men and women. A report from the Institute for Fiscal Studies and the UCL institute of education also says mo

Dior revives fashion shows - but with no front row

French luxury label Christian Dior said on Monday it would press ahead with a calendar of fashion shows for this year starting in July with an Italian catwalk display - but without the celebrated front-row audience of A-listers.The coronavirus crisis has accelerated a rethink among high-end brands o

Bubble suits and distance-friendly hats: Covid-19 fashion steps up

With face masks quickly becoming part of everyday style, a wave of new designs are feeding into the vogue for social-distancing fashion. This week as part of the Central Saint Martins graduate show, Harry Styles-approved designer Harris Reed presented a roundabout-wide hat and crinoline skirt, while

Egyptian Nadia Gamal El-Din is regional winner of 2020 Cartier Women’s Initiative

Egyptian entrepreneur Nadia Gamal El-Din is this year’s winner of the Cartier Women’s Initiative for the Middle East and North Africa region, the French luxury jeweler announced on Tuesday. El-Din was one of seven winners of the main prize — which rewards for-profit startups

Arab labels Sabry Marouf, Nabil Nayal take part in first digital London Fashion Week

The first digital-only London Fashion Week (LFW) kicked off last week, with tens of thousands of users from all points of the globe logging on to view fashion shows, presentations, workshops and Zoom after-parties from an array of different designers, including Egyptian accessories label Sabry Marou

Women Workers of Safireh Garbage Site Deprived of Minimum Rights

Some 120 workers are employed at Safireh, a garbage-sorting site in Ahvaz. The majority of women workers of Safireh are heads of household and they risk injury and contracting diseases. The women who work at Safireh have delinquent guardians, or no guardians at all, and face difficult challenges.

Egypt parliament allocates 25% of seats to women

The Egyptian Parliament has approved an amendment to an article in the constitution to allocate 25 percent of seats to women, local daily Egypt Today reported.During the years of 1979, 1984 and 2010, when Egypt applied a quota for women in the House, the Parliament witnessed high female representati

US-Egyptian model Sandra Shehab channels summer with an outdoor picnic at home

With summer weather here and social-distancing encouraged in many countries amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, an outdoor picnic is proving to be a popular quarantine pastime with our region’s it girls. American-Egyptian model Sandra Shehab enjoyed her very own version of a fête cham

Queen Elizabeth’s official birthday marked with smaller ceremony

Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday is being marked Saturday with a smaller ceremony than usual, as the annual Trooping the Color parade is canceled amid the coronavirus pandemic.The extravagant display of pomp and pageantry, a highlight of the royal calendar that typically attracts thousands of tou

'Woke' fashion brands face backlash for not practising what they preach

Fashion’s facades are crumbling. In the wake of the police killing of George Floyd, the progressive images of many brands, shops and influencers are being stripped away to reveal what are in some cases toxic internal practices.Under the pressure of a debate over racism sparked by the killing o

'Every abuser is more volatile': the truth behind the shocking rise of domestic violence killings

In the UK, the number of domestic killings has doubled during lockdown and frontline services report record-breaking cries for help. Here’s why the violence has increased – and what you can do to help victimslison Young lived in lockdown long before Covid-19. For most of her eight-year m

First lady delayed 2017 move to DC to get new prenup

First lady Melania Trump delayed her move to Washington after Donald Trump became president to gain leverage in renegotiating her prenuptial agreement, according to a new book. The White House denounced the book after it became public on Friday. Mary Jordan, author of the book “The Art of Her

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