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Handmade with love: Nepali takes grandma's socks to the world

Every winter, Lorina Sthapit and her cousins would warm their feet in woollen socks freshly knitted by their grandmother. As the brightly coloured pairs stacked up in her cupboard, the 32-year-old felt inspired to share the creations with the world — co-founding a crafts venture t

In first-ever, female academic chairs Saudi Shura Council meeting

      The Shura Council of Saudi Arabia, a consultative body that has no-executive power within the absolute monarchy, made its own little history today by allowing a woman to chair a virtual session of the 150 member committee. Dr Hanan Al-Ahmadi, who was appointed as the new A

These signs indicate the strength of a woman's personality

Strong women are the women who make great changes in this world by seeking to achieve their visions and dreams, and these women also believe that life is too short to be restricted, and strong women will turn the balance of this world to leave a lasting imprint, as they master the art of living li

Egypt to penalise fathers of child brides

  Egypt's Cabinet is planning to issue a new law imposing more penalties for the marriage of underage girls and child labour, Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly said during a Cabinet meeting on the national strategic population plan. The new law is set to toughen the penalties and broaden th

Luxurious perfumes

Do you want to abandon your current perfume and replace it with a luxurious fragrance from modern perfumes? Especially since winter perfumes are not very appropriate now, as the warm weather needs luxurious and refreshing perfumes at the same time. Based on that, we will present you with the most

Saudi Dima Al Yahya, the first Secretary General of the International Digital Cooperation Organization

In a step that affirms the Kingdom's endeavor to empower Saudi women, make them an effective partner in building the nation, and represent it well, whether at home or abroad, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia recently appointed Dima Al Yahya as Secretary General of the Digital Cooperation Organization,

Teeth whitening at home before events

The majority of women suffer from the problem of yellowing and discoloration of the teeth due to food, drinks and other things ... Hence, there are many products that help whiten teeth. But have you tried natural mixes? Mouth rinsing with coconut oil is an ancient and unique treatment used to whit

Rejuvenate the energy in your body with these snacks

During the cold season, many people feel a decrease in their energy level. They may need to eat some snacks that help replenish the body's energy and give it a dose of vitality and strength in the face of cold and various winter viruses.Nutritionist Abeer Abu Rajeli, from Diet of the Town Clinic,

Latest launch of VACHERON CONSTANTIN.  

The VACHERON CONSTANTIN women's collection launched earlier this year continues to shine as a new version of the Ejri predecessor-Winding joins its innovations. This version is boldly contemporary and delightfully classic, now combining the exquisite curves of the watch with an 18 karat rose gold

Steps to clean the leather jacket

To keep the leather jacket in good condition, you must refrain from washing it with a washing machine, as this may make it shrink, crack and deform. And if your jacket is dirty or dull, there are some quick, easy and effective ways to clean it. Soap and water Fill a large bowl with warm water, a

How to clean and perfume the carpet

Here we offer you a method of cleaning and perfuming carpet to keep it as long as possible, as follows. As soon as they fall on the carpet, it's important to clean up spills before they dry up The carpet is vacuumed weekly, with a vacuum cleaner that absorbs dirt from deep in the fibers. Note th

Full, defined eyebrows are the latest beauty trends

German cosmetic expert Ricarda Zell said that full and defined eyebrows represent the latest beauty trends, noting that they serve as a frame for the face and highlight the eyes while wearing a muzzle due to the outbreak of the Corona pandemic.Tseel added that women can achieve this popular eyebro

Natural ingredients prevent your hair loss forever

Many women suffer from the problem of hair loss, as a result of a lack of necessary minerals and vitamins, so the hair loses its vitality and begins to fall a lot. However, you can get rid of this problem through natural ingredients that are useful for hair, which we will introduce you to in this

Zainab is the first policewoman to wear a hijab as a police uniform in New Zealand

The New Zealand police allowed Muslim female officers to wear headscarves while working in the New Zealand police force, and according to the New Zealand newspaper site nzherald, the police allowed female officers to wear a uniform that includes an Islamic headscarf, "the hijab", which is easy to

In this simple way you get rid of facial wrinkles

Scientists from the University of California revealed a simple way to get rid of wrinkles, noting that eating fresh mango fruit with a sweet taste helps women in particular to get rid of wrinkles.The results of the study showed that regular consumption of mango honey (which has a golden color) is

Simply regain your fit after giving birth

Ruaa Al-Masry, a clinical pathologist at Health Shield Medical Center, provides women with some tips through which they can regain their weight before pregnancy in a healthy way: Not following a strict diet: The goal should not be to lose weight quickly, because your body needs proper nutrition,

Woman's self-immolation sparks outrage in Iran

A shocking incident of a woman setting herself on fire in the southern Iranian province of Hormozgan has evoked widespread anger and outrage across the country. The incident was reported on Thursday in the port city of Bandar Abbas, where a 35-year-old woman attempted self-immolation after her ho

The correct way to keep your makeup

The German beauty portal "Haut.D" reported that the correct storage of cosmetics plays an important role in preserving its safety and quality, and then the products achieve their desired aesthetic effect on the one hand, and at the same time maintain the health of the skin on the other hand.The be