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These are the three most effective abdominal workouts

With the New Year fast approaching, people have begun drawing their resolutions to bring about personal transformation, and a much needed one at that after a cancelled 2020. Getting fit tops most resolution lists and understandably so, with folks piling on the kilos during the holiday period. On

Send words of love to your husband before bed

The absence of your husband from the house due to travel does not mean that you neglect him, but rather you have to act as if he is with you, so before going to sleep, send him romantic love words that strengthen your love. Here are the most prominent love words for the traveling husband before b

A study reveals a forgotten organ in the chest that may be the key to preventing miscarriage in pregnant women!

A study has shown that an unknown organ in the chest called the thymus gland (or thymus) may be crucial in protecting pregnant women and their unborn babies. The organ was found in the center of the chest, and scientists now believe it plays a major role in regulating the immune system during pre

Barcelona women revive bike delivery business

Following their passion for cycling, Ariadna Serra and her co-workers created Les Mercedes, a cycling delivery company out of their cycling tour company in Barcelona. The pandemic played a huge part in their decision, instead of closing down they decided to follow their passion and benefit from t

A Lebanese scientist won the “L'Oréal UNESCO” prize for women in the field of science

The UN News website reported that Lebanese scientist Abla El Sebaei, professor of epidemiology at the American University of Beirut, won the “L'Oréal UNESCO” prize for women in science. The website stated that Professor Abla El Sebaei won this award for the African region and t

Essential nutrients to boost your baby's immune system

When your toddler encounters germs, whether through disease or vaccinations, his body begins to form antibodies to diseases, so his immunity is formed between the ages of six months to three years, and your child's immune system will not be completed before the age of five, so all that you give to

What are the methods of setting priorities at work?

It's the oldest time management advice: you have to set priorities. Self-help experts advise dividing the list of things to do into 'A-tasks,' 'B-tasks,' and so on. But this is easier said than done. Usually everything seems to be a first priority. Just try telling your boss that their favorite pr

A risk factor surrounding us is associated with high rates of kidney disease

New research suggests that people may face a greater risk of developing kidney disease if they live in areas with high air pollution. Exposure to fine particles of air pollution, called fine particles, is known to increase people's risk of developing heart and lung disease, but its effects on kid

Babies born to COVID-19 mothers have antibodies, study finds

All five babies born to women with COVID-19 infection during a study in Singapore have had antibodies against the virus, although the researchers said it is not yet clear what level of protection this may offer. The findings from a study of 16 women released on Friday also found that most were mi

Get glowing skin with these bedtime skincare tips

Taking the time to unwind with a nighttime skincare regime followed by a good night's rest will work wonders on your skin, leaving it hydrated and glowing all day long. Dr. Geetika Mittal, dermatologist and skin expert, shares a few bedtime skincare tips that will help your skin feel refreshed an

How to remove oil stains from clothes

Grease and oil stains are difficult to remove from clothes, which sometimes leads to throwing them. However, according to experts, baking soda powder is effective. Baking soda to remove oil stains The baking soda powder draws the oil from the fabric, and it is used for this purpose, according to

What are the symptoms of the pituitary gland in women?

The pituitary gland is one of the most important glands in the human body, so it is called the "master gland"; It controls most of the hormones that are secreted by the glands in the body, and are found at the bottom of the brain, specifically behind the nasal bones. Despite its small size, it con

Practice these yoga poses to get glowing skin

In our day-to-day beauty regime, mental health and physical activity play an important role. It is not only important to be healthy on the outside with a fitness routine, but on the inside too. We never think but most of our skin problems are due to various imbalances in our body fluids, blo

Methods for cleaning jeans

Some say wearing jeans twice, without washing, helps preserve the fabric and extend its life. However, over time, jeans can get stinky! Washing machine use It is recommended to turn the pants over to the inside of them, before washing them in the washing machine, in order to preserve their color

Learn about the benefits of honey for nails

Women are always keen to take care of the health of nails; To give them a more attractive look, and to expose the nails to many daily problems, today we collected several mixtures of natural honey; To help you to strengthen and lengthen your nails without suffering. A mixture of honey, eggs and o

Fenugreek may lead to "significant" improvements in hair growth

Hair loss can be a puzzle, with long-term solutions that are hard to come by. Hair loss treatments are often expensive, which is why the promise of natural solutions to reverse hair loss is more appealing. The evidence may be incomplete, but some have yielded results. Fenugreek seed extract, whi

For the bride, do not eat these foods on your wedding day

The wedding day is full of details, you are trying to verify that everything is fine, but there is an important thing that you may be missing, which is preparing snacks to eat on your wedding day in order to conserve your energy.Preparing snacks to eat them may seem easy, but you have to choose th

Who is the most powerful woman in the world for 2020?

Forbes has named German Chancellor Angela Merkel the world's most powerful woman for the tenth consecutive time on its annual list. The business magazine gathers the most influential women leaders from around the world, in sectors including politics, business and entertainment. The most powerful