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It's True: Mustard Oil Can Help Reverse Hair Loss and Dandruff

Mustard: a condiment for hot dogs, yes, but a haircare ingredient? To be fair, we're talking about mustard oil, rather than the yellow stuff in the squirt bottle (so please keep reading before reaching for the French's). It turns out, mustard oil does in fact have some benefits for both the hair a

Chopard introduces the 'Pure Ice Cube' range!

Chopard chopard has launched a new jewelery collection, Ice Cube Pure, which is a modern collection inspired by ice cubes. Ice Cube has the same spirit, but at a different time and in a different group. They are smaller, polished or diamond-encrusted cubes stacked in successive rows. This collecti

Treat thrush quickly

Oral thrush is caused by a fungus of the Candida family. Learn about the following treatments available for fungi: Doctors usually prescribe an antifungal, such as nystatin and miconazole, in the form of drops, ointment, or capsules as treatment.Or, the doctor may prescribe to the patient a topic

A perfect lipstick for your dry skin

Dry lips are not suitable for all types of lipstick, as they need those that contain moisturizing and natural oils that nourish the skin and do not make it look cracked, especially since lipstick that is not suitable with the quality of your dry lips, may cause an appearance that you will not like

Ways of keeping mint fresh all year long

For lovers of mint tea, and fresh green mint drink, you can keep it fresh throughout the year, by following these following methods. And Chef Najla Al-Sharshaby revealed how to preserve fresh mint. Preserving mint green: First method:Wash fresh mint leaves well to get rid of clay residue.Drain

3 masks to treat hair problems

The pharmacist, Aya Saqr, introduced; Through her personal page on the social networking site Facebook; A group of nature masks that treat hair loss and hair problems. Natural masks for treating hair problems: 1- Lavender: Lavender works to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, treat weak h

Beware .. Cesarean delivery causes this dangerous microbe

Infants born by cesarean delivery may have an underdeveloped microbiome, and a new study finds that babies exposed to their mothers' feces may benefit.And according to the healthline website, experts warn that this has been hospital tested and that it is not something that anyone should try at hom

Tricks for getting rid of stains on kitchen towels depending on the type of stain

Kitchen towels or kitchen towels are an indispensable ingredient in any kitchen, some are used for drying hands and others for drying utensils, and there are also cleaning towels and pot holders. It is necessary, on a regular basis, to take care to keep all the various towels used clean in order

Tips to restore happiness to married life

Boredom creeps into married life to steal beautiful memories and happiness, especially with the fast-paced lifestyle that forces spouses to stay outside the home for long periods. Renewal of married life Marital relationship experts gave a set of quick advice. To restore happiness in married lif

The best way to polish window glass

It is easy to collect dirt and dust on window glass, so it must be cleaned and polished frequently, by following simple steps, and with the correct tools. Newspaper is a good alternative to paper towels. In this context, a sheet of non-colored newspaper is prepared and curled to remove some surfa

Marriage without love .. will it work?

With the fast pace of life, people may be preoccupied with life and work, and they cannot find time for acquaintance or love, or their personalities are antisocial, and they do not find suitable love, but the age of life requires forming a family and sharing life with another person, so despite al

8 refreshing women's fragrances

  For all young women who love the world of striking perfumes and its new and exciting notes that fill your time with more femininity, freshness and attractiveness; Below we offer you a selection of elegant and luxurious women's perfumes from the most famous brands. To pick out your new perf

Maintain the look of your jewelry with these 10 tips

Although jewelry is just a material, it needs care and attention to keep it sparkling and bright. If you are looking for a luxurious look, then you not only have to choose the most suitable jewelry, but also take care of it to keep it shining all the time. So, here are some tips that will tell you

Ways to get rid of yellowing home ceramics

Ceramic, a brittle, non-metallic or organic compound, is heat-resistant and has a variety of uses, including tiling walls, ceilings, and even floors. Ceramics were made by mixing clay and cement with each other, then the mixture was heated at a high temperature that dried the water in the clay, a

Black women watches

There is no doubt that the black watch reflects a great attraction on the hand of the lady, and it gives a wonderful feeling of simplicity and elegance, because it indicates sobriety, strength and distinction. That is why many and varied models emerged from her, befitting her bold and feminine per

Learn about the effect of vitamin deficiency on fetal regulation

Biologists at the University of Oregon have proven that vitamin E plays an essential role in the formation of the brain and nervous system in the early stages of fetal development. Scientific Reports reports that Oregon State University scientists have conducted experiments on zebrafish, the resu

Simple steps to follow to reconcile your fiancé

Problems between the engaged couples are a matter that happens permanently, at the beginning of the acquaintance, each of them begins to discover the nature of the other, and perhaps some collision may occur due to the different acts and habits of both the man and the woman. And if you fall into t

How to avoid burnout while working from home

Without the commute to the office or lunch hours with co-workers thanks to COVID-19, the boundaries of a work day are blurring, leaving employees less sure of when to take breaks or log off at the end of the day. A recent study from the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) found that the a

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