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5 products for thickening and trimming eyebrows

Some women use an old and inexpensive trick to give their eyebrows a thick and trimmed look throughout the day, which is to use eyebrow soap, but according to dermatologists, this trick is harmful to the hair and skin around the eyelids, and it is possible to use more effective and completely harm

Easy ways to remove clay from hair and clothing, using household materials

All children love to play with clay, and they cannot be blamed for that, as it is one of the favorite games that we all enjoyed in childhood, but for mothers it becomes annoying when the clay sticks to the children's hair and it seems that they have no choice but to cut the stained strands of hair

Before you start using your home laser device ... here's everything you need to know

If you are tired of waxing excess hair, or want to get rid of excess hair forever without having to use the blade every week, the laser will definitely be the ideal choice for you, and for those who want to save money that they will pay in the beauty salon, the laser device may be Homeschooling is

What happens when you put hair dye on your skin?

Who among us does not like the renewal and freshness of changing hair color ?! But when we dye our hair ourselves at home, we often drop some parts of the dye here and there, so what happens when you put hair dye on your skin? I mean, what effect does it have on your skin? What might happen when

Surprise ... a secret hidden in digital pregnancy tests

Digital pregnancy tests have spread recently, and they are like traditional home pregnancy tests that check urine and show two lines in the case of pregnancy or one line in the absence of pregnancy, but instead digital pregnancy tests contain a small screen that tells you if the pregnancy is negat

Citigroup's Fraser to be first woman CEO of Wall Street bank

Citigroup Inc (C.N) named consumer banking head Jane Fraser as its next chief executive on Thursday, making her the first woman to lead a major Wall Street bank. Fraser, 53, has been a rising star in the financial industry, with a career that spans investment banking, wealth management, troubled

Get rid of guilt towards your child

A mother's emotions towards her baby explode from the very first moments after birth, and she wishes she breastfed forever; But soon chaos reigns over and all her dreams about motherhood are shattered on the rock of stress, screaming, weakness to depression; So many new mothers struggle with perfe

AI to Improve Women's Reproductive Health

After a baby is born, doctors sometimes examine the placenta—the organ that links the mother to the baby—for features that indicate health risks in any future pregnancies. Unfortunately, this is a time-consuming process that must be done by a specialist, so most placentas go unexamine

Signs if they appear during the engagement period, think carefully before getting married

The engagement period is a test for the future life between the two parties, by getting to know your fiancé, knowing his qualities, checking his feelings and the extent of compatibility between you, so the female must focus on all the details while dealing with her fiancé. Dr. Iman

Melania Trump body language shows how she balances out Donald's 'jaw-dropping moments'

The body language of Melania Trump, the wife of US President Donald Trump, is changing in an attempt to portray herself as the first lady of the United States, and not just a wife of Trump who is known for his appearance and tough stances, and she seeks from behind that to help her husband, who wi

After factory layoff, Filipino woman cashes in on ‘leaf art’ venture

Philippines: When the coronavirus struck and cost Mary Mae Dacanay her factory job in the Philippines, the 23-year-old came up with a unique new source of income — turning leaves into celebrity art.Dacanay saw her redundancy as chance to enjoy her favorite pastime — art — but at

Masks embroidered with gold for brides

A goldsmith in the state of Kahramanmaraş, southern Turkey, produced a muzzle embroidered with gold in light of the Corona epidemic, which forced even brides to wear masks. The Turkish jeweler Haji Mustafa Oz launched his unique 30-gram product, worth 14,000 Turkish liras (one dollar = 6,86 liras

Skills that make you a successful employee in your job

If you want to be successful in your business; It's like running your own business with minimal risk and maximum profit. You have to listen to the opinions of employees and your colleagues at work to know their desires at work, and how to solve the difficulties they face, also you must learn how t

A special way to clean clothes iron

The iron can cause dirty clothes, if it is not clean. Over time, mineral substances may be deposited inside the iron due to the water used in the ironing process, and using the spray on starch or any other product when ironing the clothes leads to the formation of a greasy layer on the surface of

Saudi woman manipulates wire to create impressive items

 While passion is a key factor driving people toward success, a Saudi jeweler has taken an unorthodox approach in pursuing her dream. Esraa Eskobi, wife and mother, is the founder and owner of Wire Craft project, which provides hand-made gifts as part of its signature Esraa Jewelry range. T

What is niacinamide? How to use the skin-brightening saviour that works on all skin types

Hyaluronic acid. Vitamin C. Retinol. Glycolic acid.The list of ingredients we're advised to use – by dermatologists, influencers and skincare websites alike – feels never-ending.If we were to incorporate every supposed cult product recommended into our routine, our bathroom cabinets wo

Pregnant women should avoid all caffeine, new study finds

A new study has found that caffeine is unsafe for pregnant women and those trying to conceive, and its lead is calling for a “radical revision” of guidelines.Prof Jack James, of Reykjavik University in Iceland, drew his research from 48 studies into miscarriages, stillbirths, low birth

How To Fix A Broken Nail: 3 Ways To Choose From, Say Experts

For some, breaking a nail comes with a grappling sense of disappointment. Especially if you're dead-set on growing out those tips, an accidental split may have you throwing all your length-and-strength progress out the window. Tragic, perhaps, but it doesn't mean you have to grab the nail clippers

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