REVIEW: ‘One Night in Miami’ is a character masterclass

Based on the award-winning play by Kemp Powers, “One Night in Miami” recounts a fictionalized meeting between four real-life friends — activist Malcolm X, boxer Cassius Clay (later Mohammed Ali), American football star Jim Brown, and singer-songwriter Sam Cooke — in Februar

Why Tom Cruise and 'Mission Impossible' look set to return to Abu Dhabi

Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible franchise is no stranger to the UAE. We've so far hosted Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg and some spectacular stunts for both the fourth and sixth films in the action series. Despite Covid-19 delays, the franchise is currently shooting episodes seven and

Filipino film ‘Fan Girl' offers a dark twist to the 'love team' tradition

Last month's Metro Manila Film Festival wasn’t like previous versions of the annual celebration of Filipino cinema. There was no traditional parade of colourful floats down Roxas Boulevard to mark the festival’s opening, and no audiences in cinemas, because Cov

Egyptian film ‘Tuk-Tuk’ goes international

The Egyptian film “Tuk-Tuk” is set to make its international premiere at France’s Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival on Jan. 29.   After this it will be shown at the 29th edition of the Los Angeles Pan African Film Festival (PAFF), which will run from Jan. 29 to Feb. 6.

'No Time To Die' postponed to November

The wait for No Time To Die, which brings back Daniel Craig as the iconic spy James Bond, might get longer with the film reportedly set to be delayed again.At the moment, the film is slated to be released on April 2, but Dutch publication BN DeStem has claimed that according to cinema owner Carlo

Netflix’s French crime caper ‘Lupin’ is thrilling to the core

Stylish, sleek and thrilling, Netflix’s new show, French series “Lupin,” is a spinoff from a cult character created by writer Maurice Leblanc in 1905. Often seen as the French answer to Sherlock Holmes, Arsene Lupin was a master-thief-turned detective.   In the film, Omar

National Society of Film Critics Awards: 'Nomadland' wins four titles

Awards season 2021 will, without a doubt, be different from previous years. It will be spaced out, both on the calendar and in attendance. However, it is still amping up in January, as it has in the past. The National Society of Film Critics Awards took place last night, on schedule, and Nom

Actress Vanessa Kirby packs a punch as ‘Pieces of a Woman’ shows grief at its most raw

Lauded Hungarian director Kornel Mundruczo’s first English-language film, “Pieces of a Woman,” now on Netflix, explores the effects of the death of a child on a relationship.   Backed by strong acting performances, Mundruczo also reveals how the arrival of a baby, even the

Magnificent movies : The best of 2020

You Will Die at 20       “You Will Die at 20” is a prison film — a prison entirely of the mind. In it, a boy named Muzamil lives his entire life shackled to the idea that on the day he turns 20 years old, he will immediately drop dead, cursed by a premoniti

Inside ‘Soul,’ Pixar’s new blockbuster

Everybody has a dream. “Soul,” the latest film from Disney’s beloved Pixar Animation Studios, is about a man who refuses to let even death get in the way of achieving his. His name is Joe Gardner, and he’s a middle-aged schoolteacher who wants nothing more than to become a

'Wonder Woman' Box Office Hits a Pandemic High in Cinema, Streaming Showdown

“Wonder Woman 1984” pulled in $36.1 million at worldwide theaters over the Christmas holiday weekend and boosted streaming viewership on HBO Max, Warner Bros. said on Sunday as it confirmed plans for a third film in the superhero franchise. An estimated $16.7 million of the box office

The top five Bollywood films of 2020: from 'Thappad' to 'Ludo'

It hasn’t been the best year for Bollywood. Owing to the pandemic, a number of films were stalled or postponed, with no big-ticket releases making it to the screens – big or small. It was, instead, a year in which some great television series, such as Special Ops, Paatal Lok and Aarya

Trailer unveiled for ‘Coming 2 America,’ sequel to Eddie Murphy’s cult classic

Amazon Studios has unveiled the first trailer for “Coming 2 America,” which sees the return of Eddie Murphy as the charming Prince Akeem from the 1988 cult classic “Coming to America.”   In the upcoming sequel, Prince Akeem, from the fictional country of Zamunda, fin

Official cost for postponed Tokyo Olympics up by 22% to $15.4 billion

Hollywood heavyweight George Clooney is no stranger to the big screen, but his latest outing — both as lead actor and director — is set to drop on Netflix on Monday, and offers viewers a post-apocalyptic tale to get their teeth into.     “The Midnight Sky” foll

Fantasy film Jumanji turns 25

Jumanji, the delightful fantasy film featuring and entertaining children, that also starred one of the finest actors of all time, Robin Williams, has completed 25 years. However, a lot of cinegoers do not know what the title means. In the movie, Jumanji is the deadly board game found by its ch

'Catsaway': Animated film about Abu Dhabi's stray cats finds new producer in Image Nation

Catsaway, an animated feature film that tells the story of stray cats in Abu Dhabi, has attracted new producers to help push the film to completion. Image Nation Abu Dhabi announced on Tuesday that it is now a co-production partner, alongside Tent Pictures Productions, for the film, which is the

Review: Why ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ is the light at the end of 2020's dark cinematic tunnel

In a year of blockbuster cancellations, the arrival of Wonder Woman 1984 feels like a salve for anyone who has been craving big-screen Hollywood entertainment. It starts as it means to go on – a flashback to Diana’s childhood on Themyscira, where she competes in what looks li

REVIEW: Deep thoughts run through ‘Stillwater,’ Apple’s new kids show

There’s a dreamy calmness about Apple’s new animated children’s series. A trio of kids – Karl, Addy and Michael — live a relatively idyllic life, engaging in wholesome pursuits including board games, jumping in puddles, or building cardboard rocket ships. Out the back