Netflix’s new show ‘The Big Day’ is far from reality

 Think “Crazy Rich Asians,” “Bling Empire,” “Indian Matchmaking,” and now, “The Big Day.” It would seem that Netflix wants viewers to know that the rich Asian is here to stay, with its new production about India’s multibillion-dollar weddi

'Nomadland,' 'Borat 2,' 'The Crown' win top Golden Globes

Drama "Nomadland" and satire "Borat Subsequent Moviefilm" won movie honours at the Golden Globes on Sunday in a mostly virtual bicoastal ceremony that was marked by pandemic conditions and calls for more diversity.   "Nomadland," a moving drama about van dwellers in recession-hit America fr

Here's when 'Spider-Man: No Way Home', 'Loki' and 'No Time to Die' will be released

Last year was a difficult time for cinemas, with many shutting down because of the pandemic. However, 2021 is already starting to look brighter, as theatres reopen and release dates are announced. For those who aren't yet ready to go out and watch a movie, there's also plenty of new content comin

'Drishyam 2': Thriller starring Mohanlal neatly ties up all loose ends

There is a reason why the Malayalam-language film Drishyam, released in 2013, was remade in four Indian languages – Hindi, Kannada, Telugu and Tamil, as well as in Sinhalese and Mandarin. An intelligent and gripping thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat, it follows the t

REVIEW: Bizarre ‘Bliss’ is a big miss

Some films stay in your mind long after the credits have rolled because they’re thoughtfully shot, provocatively written and beautifully acted. Others, like director Mike Cahill’s sci-fi head-scratcher “Bliss,” now available to stream on Amazon, linger in the memory because

Justin Timberlake-starring ‘Palmer’ keeps it simple

LONDON: In playing a grizzled ex-con who forms an unlikely friendship with a precociously cute kid, Justin Timberlake has opted for a role presumably intended to showcase hitherto unseen acting chops and kickstart a solid mid-career lurch towards more serious roles. In “Palmer” —

Shah Rukh Khan spotted filming action scenes in Downtown Dubai

Bollywood's most famous star Shah Rukh Khan has been spotted filming in Dubai. The beloved actor is in the emirate shooting for his next film, Pathan, a dystopian drama set in the Middle East. Eagle-eyed fans spotted the actor, 55, shooting action scenes in Downtown Dubai,&nb

'The Little Things' review: Oscar winners Denzel Washington and Rami Malek unite for thriller that harks back to genre's glory days

“It’s the little things that rip you apart,” says Denzel Washington’s police officer in John Lee Hancock’s absorbing new serial killer thriller. “It’s the little things that get you caught.” The director behind the more saccharine Saving Mr Ban

REVIEW: ‘One Night in Miami’ is a character masterclass

Based on the award-winning play by Kemp Powers, “One Night in Miami” recounts a fictionalized meeting between four real-life friends — activist Malcolm X, boxer Cassius Clay (later Mohammed Ali), American football star Jim Brown, and singer-songwriter Sam Cooke — in Februar

Why Tom Cruise and 'Mission Impossible' look set to return to Abu Dhabi

Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible franchise is no stranger to the UAE. We've so far hosted Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg and some spectacular stunts for both the fourth and sixth films in the action series. Despite Covid-19 delays, the franchise is currently shooting episodes seven and

Filipino film ‘Fan Girl' offers a dark twist to the 'love team' tradition

Last month's Metro Manila Film Festival wasn’t like previous versions of the annual celebration of Filipino cinema. There was no traditional parade of colourful floats down Roxas Boulevard to mark the festival’s opening, and no audiences in cinemas, because Cov

Egyptian film ‘Tuk-Tuk’ goes international

The Egyptian film “Tuk-Tuk” is set to make its international premiere at France’s Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival on Jan. 29.   After this it will be shown at the 29th edition of the Los Angeles Pan African Film Festival (PAFF), which will run from Jan. 29 to Feb. 6.

'No Time To Die' postponed to November

The wait for No Time To Die, which brings back Daniel Craig as the iconic spy James Bond, might get longer with the film reportedly set to be delayed again.At the moment, the film is slated to be released on April 2, but Dutch publication BN DeStem has claimed that according to cinema owner Carlo

Netflix’s French crime caper ‘Lupin’ is thrilling to the core

Stylish, sleek and thrilling, Netflix’s new show, French series “Lupin,” is a spinoff from a cult character created by writer Maurice Leblanc in 1905. Often seen as the French answer to Sherlock Holmes, Arsene Lupin was a master-thief-turned detective.   In the film, Omar

National Society of Film Critics Awards: 'Nomadland' wins four titles

Awards season 2021 will, without a doubt, be different from previous years. It will be spaced out, both on the calendar and in attendance. However, it is still amping up in January, as it has in the past. The National Society of Film Critics Awards took place last night, on schedule, and Nom

Actress Vanessa Kirby packs a punch as ‘Pieces of a Woman’ shows grief at its most raw

Lauded Hungarian director Kornel Mundruczo’s first English-language film, “Pieces of a Woman,” now on Netflix, explores the effects of the death of a child on a relationship.   Backed by strong acting performances, Mundruczo also reveals how the arrival of a baby, even the

Magnificent movies : The best of 2020

You Will Die at 20       “You Will Die at 20” is a prison film — a prison entirely of the mind. In it, a boy named Muzamil lives his entire life shackled to the idea that on the day he turns 20 years old, he will immediately drop dead, cursed by a premoniti

Inside ‘Soul,’ Pixar’s new blockbuster

Everybody has a dream. “Soul,” the latest film from Disney’s beloved Pixar Animation Studios, is about a man who refuses to let even death get in the way of achieving his. His name is Joe Gardner, and he’s a middle-aged schoolteacher who wants nothing more than to become a