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Longtime Simpsons composer sues, claims age discrimination

The longtime composer of “The Simpsons” has sued over his dismissal from the long-running series, saying he was discriminated against because of his age and a perceived disability.
Brazilian inmate, who nearly escaped jail dressed as woman, found hanged
Longtime Simpsons composer sues, claims age discrimination
French movie stars are 'the highest-paid'
Iraqi Christians pray for peace and security in Arab world
Riyadh Gallery Design celebrates arts and designs
End of the world: Gangnam Style?
Miss Czech Republic wins Miss Earth 2012
Another mega project: Dubai plans largest mall
Historians scramble to dig up details of America’s earliest Muslims
For Indonesian Obama impersonator, work is slow
Yemen's swap marriages: Recipe for potential disaster
American Muslims claim their place in global Islam
Taj Mahal replica to be built in Dubai
South Africa inaugurates giant Turkish-built mosque complex
'Peace bus' seeks to get Lebanese over civil war memory
Two brides, one groom: Iraqi marries two women in one night
Doctors urge caution with popular energy drinks
Prince William to marry Kate Middleton next year

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