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French movie stars are 'the highest-paid'

Most French movie stars are better paid than the vast majority of the world’s best-known stars, a French movie distributor said Friday in a scathing attack on the country’s heavily
Iraqi Christians pray for peace and security in Arab world
Riyadh Gallery Design celebrates arts and designs
End of the world: Gangnam Style?
Miss Czech Republic wins Miss Earth 2012
Another mega project: Dubai plans largest mall
Historians scramble to dig up details of America’s earliest Muslims
For Indonesian Obama impersonator, work is slow
Yemen's swap marriages: Recipe for potential disaster
American Muslims claim their place in global Islam
Taj Mahal replica to be built in Dubai
South Africa inaugurates giant Turkish-built mosque complex
'Peace bus' seeks to get Lebanese over civil war memory
Two brides, one groom: Iraqi marries two women in one night
Doctors urge caution with popular energy drinks
Prince William to marry Kate Middleton next year
Impoverished Gazans struggle to celebrate Eid
'Date Palm Through the Eyes of the World'
In Tunisia, a home for musical dialogue
More than 2000 see first show of 'Zayed and the Dream' in London

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