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Abu Dhabi Classics wins best festival award
2009-04-20 12:00:29

More than 35,000 music lovers attend Abu Dhabi Classics music festival in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain.

The Nation Press -

ABU DHABI - Thenation Press - The “What's On” magazine, on the occasion of its 30th birthday, awarded the Abu Dhabi Classics its "2009 Grand Prize of the Best Festival in Abu Dhabi" amid a fierce competition of other events and festivals organised by the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH) in the Emirati capital.

Abu Dhabi Classics showed Abu Dhabi’s resolve and determination to make art, music, and culture a daily life trend, and be the world’s leading cultural hub.

The festival managed to gather la crème-de-la-crème of world classical music in a short time including: Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Bayreuth Festival and the Wagner Celebration, London Philharmonic Orchestra and Shostakovich, Zubin Mehta, Lauren Mazel, Christian Thielmann, Lang Lang, Mischa Misky, Arkady Volodos, Cecilia Bartoli, Marcelo Alvarez, Bobby McFerrin, Gustav Mahler symphony Immortal "Resurrection", and Walt Disney Music.

These orchestras and musicians agreed to participate with others in the Abu Dhabi Classics journey.

ADACH brought the icons of art, music and culture from Europe and other parts of the world.

In October 2008, ADACH launched the UAE innovative project Abu Dhabi Classics which runs annually from October through May each year.

The first edition of the music event earned a large regional and international fame, providing a rare opportunity to enjoy beautiful moments of the world music’s magic with the participation of the most renowned orchestra players and conductors.

More than 35,000 lovers of classical music, most of which came from outside the UAE, attended the festivities of the first edition in both Al-Ain and Abu Dhabi.

Abdullah Al-Ameri Director of Culture and Arts Department in ADACH, said “Abu Dhabi Classics is an important pillar to our grand cultural strategy,” adding that the project “is working in a comprehensive way with an educational program coordinated with Abu Dhabi schools."

Ameri stressed that Abu Dhabi Classics’ winning the best festival in Abu Dhabi “is a huge boost for us to achieve further development and glory for this unique festival and other ADACH activities.”

“Abu Dhabi recognizes the importance of culture in society and the impact of music education in developing individual capacity for a long time,” said Till Janczukowicz, Executive and Artistic Director of the Festival.

“That is why the music plays a prominent role in its numerous activities of cultural program,” added Janczukowicz added, expressing his confidence that this important program will boost cultural tourism in Abu Dhabi with European tourists at the forefront.

Meanwhile, Abu Dhabi Classics' first edition closes its curtains by the end of May with the participation of selected international musicians.

A concert will be held for Bobby McFerrin at Al-Ain Theatre on April 30. The international musician will perform two ceremonies at the theatre of Abu Dhabi’s of Emirates Palace Hotel May 2-3.

“Not only have I come to Abu Dhabi as an artist with a scheduled program, but also to learn from Emirati artists, local music and inherent traditions,” said McFerrin.

An Italian opera concert “Teatro La Fenice de Venecia” will be held May 7 at the Emirates Palace.

The Venice Baroque Orchestra is closely linked with the history of the opera itself, the world of eternal pieces such as Verdi: Rigoletto; La Traviata. The stage of this orchestra is full of Italian music traditions.

Source : The Nation Press Exclusive
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