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Abu Dhabi's Poetry Academy launches annual program
2009-02-20 07:21:35

Poetry Academy to open doors to student registration, announce new published titles, launch website.

The Nation Press -

ABU DHABI-ThenationPress- The Poetry Academy in Abu Dhabi announced the launch of its new cultural program, which will include a number of academic activities focusing on Arabic Nabati poems.

The Academy, an initiative of the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH), will be organising many specialised lectures, talks and conferences where prominent Arab poetry critics and professors will be participating.

Sultan Al Amaimi, Director of the Academy, said the first season of its annual program will begin in the coming weeks, with more academic focus on Nabati poems.

The Academy will be soon ready to receive students wishing to study the different fields related to Nabati poetry, including its style, characteristics, and structure, opening the door for more research and new subject matter.

All information related to the Academy's activities, publications, and student enrolment procedures will be available at a new website that will soon be launched.

The Academy is expecting a high number of applicants that seek to take its highly-regarded poetry course, which also offer contact with prominent poets.

Last year, the Academy had published ten books on poetry and it will announce its new published titles during the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair.

Source : The Nation Press Exclusive
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