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Participants praise great success of "Steve McCurry" workshop in Abu Dhabi
2009-02-18 06:31:02

The Nation Press -

Abu Dhabi-Thenation Press - The photography workshop, presented by the renowned artist “Steve McCurry” on February 4 – 8, 2009, drew a huge interest of Arab and foreign media.

Organized by the Emirates Photography Competition and the Abu Dhabi International Photography Association, the workshop earned the participants’ praise thanks to its immaculate organizing level and activities which had a great impact on their photography skills.

The outcome was clearly noticed through the works that were photographed during the workshop, which won the admiration of fans of the art photography worldwide and praise and respect of McCurry who was closely supervising this experience.

Many people regarded the organization of this workshop as an international achievement which lied in the presence of a world renowned artist of the caliber of McCurry’s who is a prominent expert in the art of photography.

The workshop, which was organized within the activities of the fourth edition of the Emirates Photography Competition, attracted a distinguished group of about twenty-six Arab and foreign photographers.

The photographers are: Arman Molki of the US, Corin Lund and Caspar Wornrich from Germany, Irina Lacobasso from Romania, Fatima Al-Ansari, Fatima Al-Mansouri, Meriam Al-Ghafli, Rula Al-Tunaiji, Said Nassouri, Omar Al- Zaabi, Kholood Al-Mraikhi and Mohammed Al-Marzouqi from the United Arab Emirates, Maram Al-Jishi, Zaki Gawas, Nassrin Al-Dar, Abbas al-Khamis and Firas Abu Al-Saaud from Saudi Arabia, Majid Sultan and Husain Al-Qallaf from Kuwait, Ahmed Al-Shukaili and Tayseera Al-Barram from Oman, Ali Al-Sabah from Bahrain, Tawhid AR-Rahman from UK, Sajid AbooBakr from India, and Amy Johansson from Sweden.

Most of the competition’s panel of juries, headed by Steve McCurry, also attended the event. They are: Hussain Al Jaber of Qatar, Abdul Rahman Al-Hinai of Oman, Saeed Al-Shamsi and Jassim Al-Awadhi from the UAE and Karen Davis of the UK. They provided a valuable guidance and advice to participants, which spiced up the working atmosphere and gave it a lot of professionalism.

In general, the workshop was characterized by an air of professionalism and the gaining of the practical experience through getting participants closely acquainted with McCurry’s style. Also, they have gained the experience of communicating with others, the way of taking pictures, how to choose backgrounds and separate the subject from the background or harmonize all together. The photographers have also learned about moving while photographing, the controlling of light sources, balancing between light and shadow and how to obtain a complete frame.

The participants were stunned by the level of works they have photographed during the workshop, and proved they were challenging themselves by presenting their talents and abilities in photographing the same places and things in different ways to produce works that each bears a particular signature.

Photography took place in different locations in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, which were vital, public or invisible to others such as fruit and vegetable markets, livestock markets, popular markets, the street movement and the desert. Also there was the photography of falcons, horses and camels accompanied by the international coach Ali Al Amri, who is a professional in training horses and falcons, in addition to photographing Sheikh Zayed Mosque.

In Al Ain, the participants photographed historic buildings, castles and fortresses, Hafeet Mountain, the popular markets and the movement of people in the streets. There is no doubt that the presence of these professional artists is a civilized message, and an invitation to communicate with the world, because they are the best to convey the image of Abu Dhabi in all its features, its vitality, and, its cultural and social symbols to the world.

About the success of this workshop, the organizers said: “The greatest achievement for the management of the competition and the Photographic society was to gather these artists here in Abu Dhabi and to succeed in creating links between these people who came from various parts of the world. Attracting international artists and their attendance to this place is what it aimed for through organizing qualitative activity designed to attract personalities of their level, working to integrate the Emirati and Gulf artist with the experiences of these international and professional artists, broadening their vision, maturing their experiences and interaction with the world. These are the real objectives that we are seeking.”


Source : The Nation Press Exclusive
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