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Kalima Publishes Arabic 'Western Women in Arabia'
2010-05-06 01:51:39

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The Nation Press -

Abu Dhabi-The Nation Press - The translation project of the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH), Kalima, has published Penelope Tuson's book "Playing the Game: Western Women in Arabia". The book was translated into Arabic by Abudallah Jaradat.

"Playing the Game: Western Women in Arabia" focuses on the Western women who lived, worked and travelled in Arabia in the first half of the twentieth century.

Largely ignored by historians, some of these women were prepared to 'play the game'. Others were not, and could even be regarded as difficult and dangerous.

Tuson tells the stories of these women and the book explores how they negotiated their power and cemented their position within the British Empire.

The book reveals how conventional female roles were defined by the masculine culture of the British imperial authority. It examines how these women sometimes actively colluded with this culture, and on other occasions successfully subverted the stereotypes.

The book is divided into an introduction (on Imperial Ambitions) and consists of seven chapters:

1 - Keeping up the Dignity of the Empire: the Vice-regal tour of the Gulf.

2- The Width of the Political Agent: Emily Overend Lorimer in Bahrain.

3- Rival Narratives: American Missionaries in the Gulf.

4- War Work for the Empire: Western Women in Mesopotamia and the Gulf .

5- Women and the New World Order: Anglo-American Perspectives on Colonialism.

6- Women called Wild: Travellers and Orientalists in the Inter-War Years.

7- The Beach Pyjama Incident, 1933: Oil, the Arabian Gulf Air Route and the Opening-up of the Coast.

Source : The Nation Press Exclusive
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