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U.S. drone strikes go down in Pakistan, up in Yemen

U.S. drone strikes against Islamist militants decreased in Pakistan’s tribal regions for the second year in a row but intensified in Yemen, according to figures compiled
Pakistan attacks kill 35 as leaders meet for summit
Iranians burn U.S. flags to mark embassy seizure
Anti-drone protesters start march in Pakistan
Indonesian leader condemns Saudi maid torture
Iran opposition asks for anniversary rally permit
Afghanistan opium poppies hit by disease
Tsunami alert lifted in Indonesia
Taliban hits government compound
Pakistanis reject Shahzad’s role in NY bomb plot
Nato tankers attacked in Pakistan
Afghan group on 'Kabul mission'
Afghan's Karzai takes control of polls watchdog
Turkey grills military figures over coup plot
Afghanistan avalanches kill at least 165 people
'Up to 100 dead' in Afghan raid
Clinton arrives in Indonesia
'Peace march' in Pakistan's Swat
Quake rocks Indonesian island
Azerbaijan's air force chief killed

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