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Yemeni President receives Islamic scholars in Aden
2010-05-14 12:46:25

The Nation Press -

ADEN,Yemen, May 14 - Yemeni  President Ali Abdullah Saleh received on Friday a number of religious scholars in Aden.

Talking to the scholars, president congratulated them on the 20th anniversary of the Yemeni unification, to be celebrated on May 22 in Taiz city, noting the great bless of this unity bestowed on all Yemenis along with its achievements with respect to security, peace and development.

He indicated the great progress witnessed in Aden city under the Yemeni unity, which took place in 1990, as well as the tangible construction rising ten times bigger than it used to be before the Yemeni unification, in addition to the growing of trade and people movement under one flag of the unity which needs to be protected for its blessings.

"The Yemeni unity is not by any means subject to compromising but it is the fate and future of this nation," president said, noting that if there are any insufficiencies or cons, they shall be treated independently without linking them to the unity.

There is a big role to be played by the religious scholars and preachers to enlighten and raise awareness of people, specially the youth, with the real situation to guide them along the rightist path as well as removing the culture of hatred from their minds because there are some anti-the-country people attempting to spread such wrong ideas in the society, Saleh said.

The president also mentioned achievements and changes in the political, democratic, developmental and educational spheres as fruitfuls result of the Yemeni unity.

Those who commit violent and riot acts and outlaw activities, they do not carry out such illegal activities for the benefit of the country as they claim but, instead, they do what they do out of hatred and envy and do not wish any good for the country, he concluded.

For their parts, the religious scholars expressed their sincere happiness to meet with the president, pointing out any wise man who lived the separation era of the country would appreciate the Yemeni unity following the suppression and oppression of the pre-unity period.

They emphasized their role to enlighten those youth who fall victims of wrong ideas, promising they will not hesitate to raise awareness of youth and the society as a whole to protect them with religious and national principles.


Source : Thenation press servecis
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