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Mujawar : Yemen opposition in alliance with 'outlaw' groups
2010-05-09 10:29:58

Yemeni PM accuses opposition parties of allying with Huthi rebels, southern separatists.

The Nation Press -

SANAA - Yemeni Prime Minister Ali Mohammad Mujawar on Saturday accused opposition parties of forging "destructive alliances" with northern rebels and southern separatists, the official Saba news agency reported.

"There is no explanation for these alliances except the desire of these (opposition) parties to achieve their political objectives by destructive alliances outside the political and democratic process and... the constitution and the law," Mujawar said in a speech, according to Saba.

He accused the opposition of allying with northern Shiite rebels, or Huthis, and the Southern Movement, thus providing "political and media cover for Huthi gangs and... the separatist movement."

The prime minister, who spoke in Mahwit, northwest of the capital Sanaa, strongly criticised both the Southern Movement and the Huthis, describing both groups as "outlaws."

"The goals of the partisans of the separatist (Southern) Movement are united with those of the Huthi gangs," Mujawar said, accusing both of trying to foster "a culture of hatred among the sons of one (Yemeni) people."

Referring to the rebels, Mujawar said that "this racist gang has shed the blood of innocent people, displaced hundreds of thousands of people in the Saada province" in Yemen's north, and disrupted development efforts there.

The Huthis, who are based in Saada, fought a six-month war with government forces that ended with a February 12 ceasefire. Sporadic fighting between the government and the rebels dates back to 2004.

In addition to slamming Southern Movement members for demanding the separation of the south, Mujawar accused them of engaging in "all forms of criminality."

Members of the Southern Movement, who want either increased autonomy or independence for the south, hold frequent protests in south Yemen, which was independent from 1967 until 1990.

The prime minister's speech was to mark the 20th anniversary later this month of the country's unification.

Source : Thenation press servecis
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