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Lebanon sectarian strife kills 3
2013-11-30 06:54:44

Residents disembark from a Lebanese armoured vehicle after being moved to a safer location in Tripoli, northern Lebanon, on Saturday. (Reuters)

The Nation Press -

 TRIPOLI: Three people were killed and at least 10 wounded on Saturday in sectarian clashes in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli, a source told AFP.
Clashes regularly erupt between Alawite residents of the Jabal Mohsen neighborhood, who support their coreligionist Syrian President Bashar Assad, and Sunnis from the Bab Al-Tebbaneh district, who back Sunni-led Syrian rebels.
Two of the fatalities were named as 15-year-old Omar Al-Haswani, who was killed inside a nearby school, and a man in his thirties called Jihad Merab. They were both Sunnis from Bab Al-Tebbaneh.
A third resident had been killed in the Sunni district, but there were no immediate details on his name or age. The source said at least seven residents had been wounded in the clashes.
Soldiers helped evacuate the remaining students from the school where the teenager was killed, and other schools in the city closed for the day.
The army said troops were on the ground responding to sources of fire, and that two soldiers had been wounded. It added that another man from Jabal Mohsen had been injured earlier in the day by gunfire in a different Sunni neighborhood.

Source : The Nation Press Services
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