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In defense of the Gaza
Israel's act of terrorism
2009-01-04 11:20:10

The Nation Press -

By Mohammad Akef Jamal, Special to Gulf News
In an age when everyone upholds the principles of democracy and human rights, the Israeli killing machine has slaughtered both these ideals with its murderous war on Gaza.

As morgues fill up with bodies, and the sound of crushed bones prevails over the sound of reason, the new age of Israeli massacres is born. No words can fully describe the Israeli destruction of Gaza. As a people, they are deprived of their basic human rights.

It is very difficult at this moment in history to evaluate matters away from emotions, but the tragic situation in Gaza needs to be analysed through a number of levels, such as the nature of the crisis which led to the incompatible confrontation with Hamas, the Israeli solution, the Arab way out and the resulting consequences.

Gaza is ruled by Hamas which won the last legislative elections with an overwhelming majority. The polls were held under international supervision and no one, at that time disputed its credibility.

No doubt, Hamas and Fatah are at odds, and despite the fact that relations between the two Palestinian factions have always been tumultuous, they remain internal Palestinian disagreements.

No one has the right to exploit these differences, unless their intentions are good.

Differences, such as those existing between Fatah and Hamas are not unique since most revolutionary movements around the world have witnessed such disagreements. No doubt, there were some Arab parties who interfered to bridge the rift between the two factions, but when they failed, they blamed Hamas for the failure.

International community

Nevertheless, it does not give Israel the right to force its policy on the Palestinians by eliminating the party that it does not like. It also does not give the international community the right to justify the Israeli aggression under any pretext.

The Israeli war on Gaza is unjustified politically, militarily, humanly and ethically. It has been launched by the Israeli right-wing which does not want to make any concession to the Palestinians and is trying to wriggle out of the promises made by US President George W. Bush, who spoke of a Palestinian state in 2002.

Arab states should also shoulder some of the blame for the current situation in Gaza because of their disinterest in the Palestinian question over the past few decades. Due to their indifferent attitude, the Palestinian question has been transformed from an Arab cause to a Palestinian worry.

The Israeli operation in Gaza is an abortion of the outcome of all negotiations with Palestinians - from Oslo till date. It also aborts the road map set by the US president. This operation has also been carefully timed to coincide with the transfer of power from Bush to President-elect Barack Obama, who promised to give much more to Israel.

Israel is neither concerned about the consequences of its acts, nor is it bothered about Arab nations' verbal condemnation of its nefarious action. At the international level, the UN Security Council proves again that the international system needs re-evaluation. The UN issued a non-binding resolution demanding Israel to end its Gaza operation. The resolution did not condemn Israel, despite the Jewish state making preparations for a major land offensive.

As such, one cannot help but wonder about the anti-terrorism strategy promoted by the US. Is the Israeli aggression on Gaza an act of terrorism, or anti-terrorism?

The international stance is encouraging Israeli terrorism. But if the Palestinian resistance retaliate, the US will consider such actions as acts of terrorism.


Dr Mohammad Akef Jamal is an Iraqi writer based in Dubai.


Source : Thenation press servecis
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