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In defense of the Gaza
Itís More Than Just About Rockets
2009-01-03 09:31:44

The Nation Press -

Dallas Darling

There it was on the front page of the morning newspaper: ‘Rockets at heart of Mideast battle.’ After seven days of a massive Israeli air blitz that has left over 500 Gazans dead and over 2000 wounded, this was the best title the Associated Press could report. The subtitle was even more telling as it read: ‘Hamas shows rising level of sophistication.’ The article then gave a lengthy report on how Hamas has built an arsenal of 30,000 rudimentary and homemade rockets that have killed four Israelis since 2007. So now we know the reason as to why Israel is brutally bombing and attacking Gaza.

But deep down in our collective conscience and past, we know it’s more than just about Hamas’ rockets. It is about Israel becoming a state after the Second World War and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians into makeshift UN refugee camps. It is about years of Palestinians living in humiliation and experiencing five major Israeli-Arab Wars. It’s about the numerous Palestinian Uprisings, or Intifadas, and how they have tried to “shake-off” Israeli occupations. It is about a generational Nakba, or Palestinian catastrophe, in which hundreds of thousands of Palestinians for decades have experienced dispossession.

The Gaza crisis is about a punitive and fatal economic blockade initiated and maintained by Israeli Defense Forces. It is about checkpoints and how innocent Palestinian civilians have been detained, imprisoned, and accidentally shot and killed. It is also about how the US sells and equips Israel with over $4 billion worth of weapons each year. As Gazans are dying, Israeli F-16’s continue to drop 1000 pound bunker-busting bombs and fire US made missiles. Apache attack helicopters continue their deadly swarm, some even destroying mosques. It is about the protection of illegal Jewish settlements and the control of Gazan roads, airspace, waterways, and sea lanes.

It is about cutting off electricity and water supplies to the Gaza Strip. It is about Israeli politicians not allowing medical supplies into Gaza to treat the wounded. It’s about the US imposing a “divide and conquer” strategy upon the Palestinians by funding certain groups and internally interfering. It is about how for years Hamas has provided food and basic services and was democratically elected in Gaza to pursue the dreams and hopes of statehood. But Hamas was not a democratic government that Washington recognized or was pleased with. Therefore, it IS about regime change. US style Global Democratic Totalitarianism decides which democracies exist and which democracies are destroyed.

It’s about how Israel has banned reporters from covering the atrocities being committed in Gaza. It is about how the Israeli Navy (in international waters) attacked, rammed and prevented the “Dignity” from reaching Gaza with badly needed humanitarian aid. It is about Israeli elections and political maneuvering, much like that of the US It is about politicians who depend on wars and military interventions to bolster their public opinion ratings and increase their support among the far right. It’s also about the US rejecting an attempt by the Arab League to exercise its influence in the U.N and push through an immediate ceasefire. It’s about how the US and Israel, for years, has been given disproportionate power in the UN to fight their disproportional wars.

But at least the West, thanks to the Associated Press, knows the Israeli bombardment of Gaza is due only to Hamas and their rockets.

And much of the Palestinian and Arab world continues to bleed and seethe.

Dallas Darling is the author of The Other Side Of Christianity: Reflections on Faith, Politics, Spirituality, History, and Peace, and is a writer for You can read more of his articles at

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